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Referral Marketing Case Studies

Referral Marketing Case Studies

Many renowned brands tasted the success of referral program marketing, now it’s your turn to achieve the long-lasting goals and earn stupendous profits. You are on the way to exponential growth.

Trusted By 20,000+ Customers

A healthcare brand for women made upto $2 million dollars of revenue after using referral program marketing via Invitereferrals

  • A digital healthcare community of women
  • Earned $2 million profit every month.
  • Refer-a-friend brought women from around the world together.

A dine out company in Thailand which provides amazing discounts to its customers made a hefty amount of revenue via referral marketing.

  • Offers exclusive discounts and offers via cards during dine outs.
  • This Thailand based company made 20% more sales revenue.
  • 40% new subscriptions through referral marketing.

A social media platform that enables mass communication made 40k new subscribers on telegram after using Referral program by InviteReferrals.

  • Created to revolutionize the social media world.
  • Based on the Blockchain technology used referral marketing
  • Enrolled 70k new referrers and 40k new subscribers within a week

A pool sharing community increased their revenue by 50% by running refer-a-friend campaign.

  • The first and the biggest pool sharing community.
  • Increased sales by 50% through referral program.
  • Earn higher revenue through refer-a-friend

The largest work-centric community for the freelance workers successfully raised 29.5 million SGD in public sale.

  • The biggest platform for the freelancers around the world.
  • Exponential growth in just 20 days of using Referral program.
  • 70k new telegram subscribers and a profit of $29 million SGD.

Itimes uses referral program to increase registrations

  • Affiliate marketing can get you millions.
  • World’s renowned Affiliate marketer earns multi-million dollars a month.
  • Using Refer-a-friend his affiliate program course is going rounds in the world.

AAP collects donation by Referral Solution

  • INR 18 Million donation collected through friend referrals online.
  • 100K email invites, 10K shares on facebook, twitter, and mobile messaging applications.
  • More than 1 Million people reached.

Shopclues reached 1 Million customers in a week

  • Increase Shopclues Application installs.
  • 1 Million target audience reached through friend invites within a week.
  • $2 coupon for every shopclues Application install by a friend.

Refer a Friend program drives 1 Million invites for Lenskart

  • 20X reach for high traffic websites.
  • 1 Million customer referral invites in less than 2 months.
  • Invites through social platforms like email Facebook, Twitter.

Mypayworld uses referral program to increase registrations

  • 33% increase in referral signups.
  • 10X reach through referral invites to friends.
  • Facebook fan page timeline application.
  • Thank you page : Referral popup on page shown post online transaction.

Buyhatke traffic & downloads increased by Referral Marketing

  • 85000+ people reached through referral invites.
  • 6000+ site visits through referral.
  • Integrated Referral popup that opens on first visit.
  • Custom Referral program integration.

Itimes uses referral program to increase registrations

  • $10 coupon for every 10 referral registrations.
  • 500K target audience reached through friend invites.
  • Referral Solution of 3 months resulting low customer acquisition cost.

Healthkart Sales increased using Referral Software

  • Healthkart got approximate reach of 500K through Online referral Software.
  • Refer a friend and earn program.
  • 250K potential customers reached through friend invites.

Faballey referral marketing program for apparel store

  • Home page – integrated Referral pop-up notification that opens only on first visit.
  • 150,000+ potential customers reached through friend referrals.
  • Increase sales and social reach through referral program.

Surfears achieved Kickstarter goal through referral marketing

  • 5000+ people reached within few days through friend referrals.
  • Kickstarter goal to raise 17,500 AUD achieved.
  • Product reach to the targeted audience resulting increase in sales.

Why Customers Love InviteReferrals


Ray, Foursquare

“InviteReferrals helped us design referral strategy to increase mobile application downloads. They provide great support. ”

Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Expert

“It is a really easy strategy to just get way more traffic, without doing much more work. Encourage your community to share your product.”

John Crestani, Affiliate Expert

“A super easy way to earn loads of money in a day. Hassle-free usage and can be shared on every social media platform.”

Used by 20,000+ Customers in 25+ Languages

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