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How Swimply- A Poolsharing community increased its profit by Refer-a-Friend Software

In this blog, we will know the stats and data in the case study on Swimply, that how they made 50% more profit without putting in any extra work.


Swimply is the first pool sharing platform. It connects private pool owners and non-pool owners both to get access to the pools. It’s like an Air-BnB of pools. Don’t you own one? And want to enjoy on a poolside Sunday morning? Don’t worry, log in to Swimply and experience, this allows pool owners to earn an income and lets you enjoy a rare luxury.  

Website: Swimply

Headquarters: USA



Swimply is a new innovative platform by a 22-year old entrepreneur Bunim Laskin in his hometown in New Jersey. He brought out a unique idea of connecting people who own pools but don’t use them much. On the other hand, some people don’t own this luxury and want to make a getaway, relax, and party.

mission of Swimply

Thus Swimply wanted to spread this awesome new idea with the people around the world so that everybody can make the best use of their pools and earn a substantial income out of it. 


Since Swimply is an innovative idea, so they wanted something creative to make their empire grow. Thus, they went for the Referral Marketing instead of rooting for something traditional like advertisements.  

Referral marketing is one of the proven ways of making a profit and higher revenue. Referral marketing is one of the methods which benefits all—the business person, the existing customer, and the friend who is getting referred. 

Thus, Swimply went for one of the best and the most cost-effective Referral software 


Swimply was seen making 50% more revenue every month, after using and creating the interactive referral programs

As the founder of Swimply says: “Owning a pool can be expensive, but enjoying one doesn’t have to be. “



As you can see through the data and the stats that how Swimply Increased their sales and earned 50% more profit after adapting referral marketing and creating interactive rewarding campaigns.

Hope this case study on Swimply was a help to you in understanding Referral Marketing in a better way.

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