John Crestani case study

How John Crestani did Multi-Million Dollar Commission Disbursement Per Month

This is the case study on John Crestani, and we will know how he moves out of corporate life and did a million-dollar business in affiliate marketing.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an affiliate marketer who used to work in a corporate 9 hours are a day (sometimes even more). Then he made a bold move (involuntarily) to grow an empire of his own and rule the world of affiliate marketing and leave behind the corporate world.

Now he is the guru for the other marketing enthusiast who loves to work out of the box and earn bundles of dollars in a day. If you are a geek of the marketing world, you must have heard his name thousands of times. 

Website: John Crestani

John crestani case study

John Ctestani’s Mantra

As he says:

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to do a better job of selling the product than the merchant itself.

John wants to promote affiliate marketing and be an inspiration to aspiring affiliate marketers. His primary goal is to sell more to get rewarded more. He wants his course on affiliate marketing to be reached to every corner of the world.

john crestani mission

John’s Mission

He is the man who has been featured in Forbes Magazine and has significant outreach to the people around the globe. But he wants his existing customers to share his course with their friends and make affiliate marketing a trend. 

How John Crestani made Affiliate Marketing Viral?

Since he is a pro in marketing, he knows what is best for growing the business most efficiently and spreading the right word about a brand. Referral marketing is the way. In affiliate referral marketing, you make your existing subscribers (who already love tour work) share your excellent work with their peers to make your brand viral.

John chose the best Affiliate Marketing software in the industry—InviteReferrals to create referral campaigns.  

John Crestani InviteReferrals

The Bizzare outcome

After using InviteReferrals’ Affiliate Referral Software, John was able to make 7000 New Affiliate Users Enrolling, and 300K New Invites Per Month. And all this led to a 60% increase in new Affiliate Members and $1 Million Commission Disbursement per month.

Results of affiliate marketing

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