Refer a Friend program drives 1 Million invites for Lenskart




Refer a friend program can give more than 20X reach for high traffic websites. In this post we explain how lenskart got more than 1 Million customer referral invites through Refer a friend program in less than 2 months.


Goal : To drive Customer referral invites

Incentive : Rs 500 gift voucher to referrer for every referral sale. The average ticket size of lenskart is more than Rs 1000.

Results :  1 Million invites in less than 2 months



Points of Integration

The success of a refer a friend program is directly proportional to the referral campaign promotion. Below we list different ways by which Lenskart increased the visibility of their refer a friend program.

1. Refer a friend popup on Checkout page

Lenskart showed referral pop on the thank you page of their shopping kart. This created an impulsive behavior to refer friends.


Lenskart refer a friend campaign


2. Referral campaign Information page

It’s also a good idea to explain your referral program and how it works to your customers and potential referrers of your product. Lenskart created a campaign page to give complete step by step information about the customer referral program, ways to refer friends and claim reward. They also integrated the referral widget on this page to drive referrals.


Lenskart refer a friend page


3. Invite Landing page

Customers land on the landing page after accepting the referral invite. This page should be designed to drive maximum conversions from referral traffic. Lenskart display their top offers on this page to entice the customers into shopping and at the bottom referral program link is given to drive more referral invites.


Lenskart refer a friend offer page


4. Link to customer referral program page in site footer

Lenskart also put the link to the referral campaign information page in their site’s footer.


Lenskart refer a friend button


5. Program Promotion in emailers

Lenskart embedded a link to their refer a friend program page in all the email communications. This gave high visibility to the referral program driving good proportion of referral invites.




6. Facebook Referral Application

Lenskart installed the Facebook timeline referral application to drive referrals and sales through their Facebook  fan base of 1 million.


Lenskart refer a friend facebook application


Refer a Friend Invite text

Lenskart activated different customer referral options like email, Facebook notifications, Facebook share, tweet, chat, google+, twitter and LinkedIn. Below we display some of their invites for reference.

1. Facebook share


Lenskart refer a friend facebook share


2. Refer a friend Tweet


lenskart refer a friend twitter is the simplest tool to design and launch customer referral campaign in minutes. It is built for marketers and does not require any coding.



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