Mypayworld uses referral program to increase registrations by 33%

mypayworld-referral-program designed a customer referral program to increase registrations and achieved a 33% increase in their daily signups. Mypayworld is an online portal for mobile recharge and bill payments. Below is a brief summary of implementation.



To increase registrations through customer referral program


Incentive to increase registrations

Recharge of 100 bucks for every 10 referral registrations.



  1. 33% increase in referral signups,
  2. 10X reach through referral invites


Integration of referral widget

  1. Home page – integrated Referral popup that opens only on first visit.
  2. Thank you page : Referral popup on page shown post online transaction.
  3. Facebook fan page timeline application.


Referral tracking

Mypayworld activated the referral tracking on their post registration page. They passed the email of newly registered user in the orderID parameter of the InviteReferrals javascript widget. Therefore, mypayworld enabled the tracking only when there was a new registration according to their database.


Mypayworld Referral Program to increase registrations





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about 4 years ago

Please could you explain what payment options are compatible to use with Invite Referrals for paying referrers? Is PayPal a recognised payment option for paying Referrers? Please would you briefly explain how your software is integrated into our website too? I am very impressed with your program. Please respond soonest? Thank you, Peter le Roux



about 4 years ago

1.) You can pay referrers through paypal but the transfer via paypal is not automated through InviteReferrals. 2.) You can refer our documentation section for setup guides You can also write to us at



about 1 month ago

Hello, is your invitereferrsl plugin still active?


Deepak Gupta

about 7 days ago

Yes It's active


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