InviteReferrals launched kickstarter referral program to boost crowdsourcing efforts

Logo_SA designed a Kickstarter referral program to boost it’s fund raise for kickstarter project. Surfears is designed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes to protect the ears without affecting hearing and balance. It was able to spread the word and create social buzz through it’s referral program for kickstarter campaign. They designed a top referrer campaign to reward most influential referrers. Below is a brief description of their kickstart referral program implementation.



To create social buzz about their kickstarter project through friend referrals.


Incentive of Kickstarter referral program

Top referrer campaign – Four most influential referrers every month to win a free set of surfears



  1. 5000+ people reached within few days through friend referrals
  2. Kickstarter goal to raise 17,500 AUD achieved


Integration of referral widget

  1. Home page – integrated kickstarter Referral program popup on their site


Indentify most influential referrers used inviteReferrals leaderboard analytics section to identify the most influential referrer based on the referral site visits filter. You can read more about ways to identify most influential referrers here.


Surfears Kickstarter Referral program




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