Elevate Your WooCommerce Store with InviteReferrals Integration

Elevate Your WooCommerce Store with InviteReferrals Integration and unlock the potential of referral marketing. Seamlessly integrate InviteReferrals to drive sales, enhance customer loyalty, and maximize your store’s growth potential.

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A healthcare brand for women made upto $2 million dollars of revenue after using referral program marketing via Invitereferrals

A dine out company in Thailand which provides amazing discounts to its customers made a hefty amount of revenue via referral marketing.

A social media platform that enables mass communication made 40k new subscribers on telegram after using Referral program by InviteReferrals.

Unlock the Power of Referral Marketing Seamlessly Integrated with WooCommerce

Experience the synergy of referral marketing seamlessly intertwined with your WooCommerce platform. With InviteReferrals, harness the full potential of word-of-mouth promotion effortlessly integrated into your online store, empowering you to drive sales and foster customer loyalty like never before.

Boost sales

Leverage InviteReferrals for sales growth through word-of-mouth marketing, with proven results and success stories

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Incentivize referrals, strengthen bonds, and foster loyalty with InviteReferrals' appreciation and loyalty features.

Streamlined Integration

Simplify integration with InviteReferrals and WooCommerce; spend less time configuring, more time benefiting.

Rewards on Multiple Events







We offer 360* Referral software with complete referral strategy, design, and implementation.

Ray, Foursquare

“InviteReferrals helped us design referral strategy to increase mobile application downloads. They provide great support. ”

Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Expert

“It is a really easy strategy to just get way more traffic, without doing much more work. Encourage your community to share your product.”

John Crestani, Affiliate Expert

“A super easy way to earn loads of money in a day. Hassle-free usage and can be shared on every social media platform.”


Mobile Application Flow

Customer invites his friends through the referral program.

Friend accepts the invite, installs the mobile application

InviteReferrals sends coupon to the referrer over email for driving a referral install.

How InviteReferrals Work For Your Store

Customer invites his friends through the referral program.
Friend accepts the invite, installs the mobile application
InviteReferrals sends coupon to the referrer over email for driving a referral install.

Simple Integration Process

Integrating InviteReferrals with WooCommerce couldn’t be easier. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the process step-by-step, ensuring a smooth setup without the need for technical expertise. Visual aids and GIFs provide visual clarity, making it effortless for you to navigate the integration process and start harnessing the power of referral marketing in no time.


Automated Referral Tracking

Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to automation with InviteReferrals. Our platform takes care of referral tracking in real-time, giving you instant insights into the performance of your referral program. With detailed analytics at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to optimize your strategy and maximize your ROI, all without lifting a finger.

Customizable Referral Programs

Tailor your referral programs to suit your brand and audience with InviteReferrals’ customizable options. Whether you prefer a straightforward referral incentive or a more complex rewards structure, our platform allows you to create personalized programs that resonate with your customers. Showcase your creativity with customizable templates and examples, ensuring that your referral program reflects your brand identity and values.

Mobile Optimization

In today’s mobile-centric world, reaching your audience on-the-go is paramount. With InviteReferrals, you can tap into the mobile market with confidence, thanks to our mobile optimization features. From responsive design to mobile-friendly interfaces, we ensure that your referral program is accessible and engaging across all devices, empowering you to reach a broader audience and drive more referrals.

Unparalleled insights into your
referral program

We measure everything from referrers, invites, referral visits, referral installs, to your top influencers in one powerful dashboard

Unlock the Power of Referral Marketing seamlessly integrated with Shopify.

Experience the synergy of referral marketing and Shopify like never before. Invite Referrals empowers your store with a seamless integration that unlocks the true potential of referral marketing. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about creating a community of brand advocates.

Used by 20,000+ Customers in 25+ Languages

Try the World’s Best Referrals Program Software Today.


New referrers are customers registering in campaign to refer friends. If you have 100 site visitors, then only 10 people may participate in the campaign and invite 50 friends each. In this case New referrers would be 10.

Yes, you can stop subscription anytime you wish. You can also upgrade or downgrade plans instantly.

This is a monthly recurring payment. To subscribe for only one month, unsubscribe (Admin -> billing -> Current plan) as soon as you have made the payment. This way your plan would be valid only for 1 month.

The 15 days risk free trial allows you 100 referrers for 15 days. After trial ends, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

You can run the campaign on any number of domains.

Currently all campaigns from a particular account share the same social media links. So you may not be able to run completely different campaigns for different clients from same account.

Your campaign will stop(not display) until the end of the current billing period. You will have to upgrade the plan to continue the campaigns. You can downgrade the plan anytime.

You can explore our Knowledgebase and Case Studies section. We will also keep sharing campaign ideas through our newsletters.

We manage the referral program for brands under enterprise plan including view customizations. The pricing of this plan is at higher end.

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