case study on chimcard

How Chimcard got benefited from Referral Marketing

This is the Case Study on Chimcard. Learn how they used referral marketing and earned a profit like never before. 


Chimcard is a company that provides exclusive discounts and exciting offers at the best restaurants in Thailand. Save a hefty on the best delicacies. They provide cards which they call them as—Chimcard. With the card, the customers visiting the restaurants get discounts which make their dining cheaper and more enjoyable. 

From the local cafes to the luxury restaurants, Chimcard offers its customers the taste of the best. There are a lot of restaurants connected with them. Chimcard works with both customers and restaurants. 

Website: Chimcard

Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand 


Chimcard loves to give out amazing deals. They have various categories of discounts on meals and drinks. They want their customer to eat tasty and healthy without spending much and emptying their pockets. Chimcard works for both members and restaurants. They want to make dining out cheaper so that Chimcard members will eat out more regularly by which restaurants will have more customers. This will be a win situation for both.

Chimcard wants its members to support restaurants through their social media platforms by making others aware of your positive experiences when dining out.


Being viral in social media can get quite tricky sometimes. They wanted to spread this innovative way of giving out discounts and amazing deals to the customers and at the same time benefiting the restaurants. 

Thus Chimcard went for Referral Marketing Software by InviteReferrals. The most effective way of bringing in more customers and making them aware of Chimcard. So that if they purchase the membership card, they will get a discount too. 


The referral marketing resulted in a 40% increase in new subscriptions and also 20% in the generation of sales revenue. They succeeded in meeting their goal of increased sales and getting more people to subscribe to Chimcard.

chimcard Results


Hope this Case Study on Chimcard making impeccable revenue through Referral Marketing was a help to you.

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