Buyhatke uses referral program marketing to increase browser extension downloads

buyhatke used referral program marketing to increase the downloads of their browser extension. Buyhatke offers price comparison extension for online products. Buyhatke became trending on twitter by their innovative referral program marketing. They achieved a decent increase in extension downloads and a 10 times reach through referral invites. Below is a brief summary of implementation.


To increase browser extension downloads through referral program marketing


Flipkart shopping gift voucher for every 5 buyhatke browser extension download through referrals.

Results of Referral program marketing

Below are some numbers for the month of february as approved by them

  1. Buyhatke became trending on twitter
  2. 1250+ participants
  3. 85000+ people reached through referral invites
  4. 6000+ site visits
  5. Email invite open rate of 30% and click rate of 7%

Integration of referral widget

  1. Refer and win footer/header banner in all emails sent to customers.
  2. Home page – integrated Referral popup that opens only on first visit after 15 seconds delay.
  3. Thank you page : Referral popup on page shown post Extension download.
  4. Facebook fan page timeline application

Referral tracking

Buyhatke activated the referral tracking on their post extension download page. They passed the unique extension download id in the orderID parameter of the InviteReferrals javascript widget to keep track of each extension download via referral program. They used these extension id’s to identify any potential cheat.


Buyhatke used very creative designs to announce their customer referral campaign


They used facebook offers as an effective referral program marketing technique


Buyhatke became trending on twitter with tweets about their customer referral campaign


Buyhatke announced their campaign winners on social media to motivate the customers to refer even more friends.



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