ava women case study

How Ava Women made a revenue of $2 million per month on using Referral Program

In this Ava women case study, we will learn how they started a referral marketing campaigns to reach out to the maximum number of audience and increase their sales.


Ava is a digital healthcare company for women. In this digital world, they have brought in one of the best ways to help women and take good care of their health across the globe. Ava aims to be a long-term companion to the women by using artificial intelligence and clinically approved health care and walk hand in hand along all stages of their reproductive life.

WebsiteAva Women

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland 

Ava women case study


The primary goal of Ava is to get in touch with women around the world. They want to help them along the stages of their reproduction. It was founded in the year 2014 in the beautiful city of Switzerland. Since then, they have strived to do the best for women health care. 

They wanted women to refer their gal pals and make them aware of the fantastic product in the market regarding health care. 

mission of ava


Ava was doing great work and reaching out to the women, but they weren’t getting the results they expected. The conversions of the customers were not up to the mark. However, as I told you that their primary goal is to mark a global denomination and be a hero with the band (not all heroes wear capes). 

ava women case study

They wanted to target that section of health-enthusiasts women in every corner of the world. Thus, they wanted to start a referral program so that their existing customers refer to other women and create a health drive.


Ava women launched a referral program by InviteReferrals. By this initiative, they were able to outreach a large section of women who weren’t aware of this company and the product they deliver. They launched their referral program in 11 different countries in many different languages.

The existing consumers referred the product to their friends through the referral campaign. 

ava women InviteReferrals

Results: $2 Million profit per month

Ava women saw an increase in their sales, and they started, making a revenue of $2 million per month.  A simple referral campaign helped them gain substantial growth, and they reached their goal to create awareness regarding women health care.

Ava referral marketing results


A referral program is a strategy that is hassle-free, easy to use and gives out the maximum profit without spending a ton. Hope this ava women case study was a help to you for understanding the referral program and its benefits more precisely.

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