Aam Aadmi Party collects INR 18 Million donation through Referral marketing software


Aam Aadmi Party used InviteReferrals Referral marketing software to collect ~ INR 18 Million donation within a month for Delhi elections online through social recommendations. AAP has a strong supporter community online and it used this community to spread it’s message of clean politics through social recommendations. Each donor was asked to challenge atleast 10 more friends to make donation towards AAP and Clean politics on the thank you page that comes after donation.


  • To collect maximum donations for Delhi elections through referral marketing

Referral campaign

  • Each donor was asked to challenge atleast 10 more friends to donate. Donor could easily import his contact list, share on social media or message on popular apps like whatsApp. The entire referral marketing campaign, tracking and notifications were automated through InviteReferrals software.


  • No monetary reward. A thank you note was sent to donor for each referral donation through him


  • 21K Donors challenged their friends to donate to AAP online
  • 100K email invites, 10K shares on facebook, twitter, and different mobile messaging applications
  • More than 1 Million people reached
  • ~ 3,500 people donated through friend referrals
  • INR 18 Million donation collected through friend referrals online

1. Referral popup on donation thank you page

AAP referral donation

2. Referral challenge Announcement by AAP



3. Facebook Engagement metrics

Facebook referral marketing engagement metrics of AAP

4. Tweets challenging friends to donate

Referral tweets for AAP

5. #iFundHonestParty trending on twitter



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