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How healthkart increased sales through referral program software

healthkart referral program

Customer Referral program software can give more than 20X reach for a Ecommerce website. Healthkart got approximate reach of 500K through referrals in less than few months. Here is a case study of Healthkart referral program. It takes less than a day to take referral campaign live with InviteReferrals customer referral program software

Goal : To increase customer referral sales

Incentive : $5 coupon to both friend and referrer for referral sale. The average ticket size of healthkart is around $20

Results :  250K potential customers reached through friend invites in few months resulting in increased referral sales

Points of Integration

Success of the referral program software is directly proportional to it’s visibility and promotion. Healthkart integrated the referral program on all customer touch points in following ways

1. Referral program popup on post purchase

Healthkart showed referral pop on the thank you page of their shopping kart. This created an impulsive behavior to refer friends.


2. Referral program Information page

They also created a static html page explaining the working of their customer referral program. This included step by step information about the cutomer referral program, ways to refer friends and claim referral gratification. The link to this page was included in the all email footers as referral banner.


3. Referral Program announcement

An email was sent to entire customer base announcing the launch of customer referral program.

4. Facebook Referral Application

Facebook referral program application allowed facebook fan base to participate in the campaign directly from facebook application.




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