Faballey referral program for apparel store




Faballey.com designed a customer referral program for apparel store to increase sales and social reach of it’s online store. Faballey is an online store focused on women accessories and fashion-forward apparel. Below is a brief summary of implementation.



To increase sales and social reach through referral program


Incentives of referral program for apparel store

Rewarded  500 for every friends’s first order (shipped) & friends got 250 off for their first purchase.



  1. 50,000+ potential customers reached through friend referrals.



  1. Home page – integrated Referral popup that opens only on first visit.
  2. Thank you page : Referral popup on page shown post online payment.
  3. Created a separate customer referral program information page
  4. Facebook fan page timeline application.


Referral tracking

Faballey activated the referral tracking on their post payment success (Thank you) page. They passed the order-ID in the order-ID parameter of the InviteReferrals java script widget to track referrals. They activated the post preview manual referral tracking process to confirm the order delivery and then reward the referrer.


Faballey referral program



Faballey created a separate referral program information page on it’s site. It promoted this page in all the emails sent to it’s customers. You can also refer the campaign promotion guide.


Referral program for apparel store





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