Shopclues Referral Program Software Case Study

Shopclues used refer a friend software to increase Android Application installs and reached target audience through friend invites – InviteReferrals


Refer a friend software is a very effective and low-cost customer acquisition channel. shopclues referral program used software to increase Android App installs and in the process reached the target audience through friend invites. Customers got a $2 discount voucher for every referral install. Since every visitor is very likely to have a social circle consisting of people of his own demography. This was a very effective way to reach the target audience. Refer a friend software made sending invites over WhatsApp, SMS, Email, facebook, twitter very easy.

Goal : Increase Shopclues Application installs

Incentive : $2 coupon for every shopclues Application install by a friend

Results :  Enhanced target audience reach through friend invites.

Refer a friend program integration

Success of the refer a friend software is directly proportional to it’s visibility and promotion. Shopclues integrated the referral program on it’s payment success pages on website, mobile site and mobile application. This helped in getting good participation in the refer a friend program. Customer could simply import his contact list to send out the invites over email. Or simply share on his social media profiles like facebook and twitter

refer a friend

1. Refer a Friend Email Notifications

A. Enrollment Mail : Mail sent to participant of the campaign

Refer a friend participation mail

B. Friend Invite mail

Friend invite email

C. Referrer Reward email : Coupon is sent over the email to referrer when his friend installs the shopclues application

Refer a friend reward mail

D. Facebook Share Feed : This is how the feed looked on the friends newsfeed. The invite content is carefully crafted to get the attention of the viewer and drive call to action.

Facebook feed of refer a friend program

InviteReferrals refer a friend software automates the referral campaign for online businesses. It further provides complete analytics including invites sent, referral visits and installs through each medium and device type. This helps in iterating the program to get best performance.


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