Best Referral Program Case Studies To Improve Your Approach

Best Referral Program Case Studies

Referral programs are one of the best marketing tools. Therefore, every business is trying to leverage it. If you also wish to take the benefit of it, read this article till the end to learn from these referral program case studies. These brands have tasted the success of the referral program, and it is your turn to learn from their experience.

Let’s dive in to learn more about referral program case studies

1 . StarQuik

StarQuik is an online grocery store that offers a wide variety of products like fresh fruits, personal products, and much. We can say that it’s a one-stop platform for all your daily needs.


  • To enhance its customer base. 
  • Want a pocket-friendly approach to boosting sales.


  • 20% increase in monthly acquisition of customers.
  • Cost of acquiring new customers reduced by 30%.
  •  The Order amount increased by 3x than a non-referral customer.

2. MylesCars


MylesCars provides car rental services. They play an essential role in the transportation industry. They offer cars on rent so that everyone can take advantage of it. It works as a broker between the car owner and the customer who wants to rent a car.


  • They Wanted to increase customer engagement.
  • They wanted to make existing customers their advocates.


  • Received a 30% increase in sales
  • Their customers got encouraged to spread Word of mouth.

3. PokerNation


PokerNation is a gaming website that lets people play poker online. Customers just have to log in and deposit the amount they want to use while playing.


  • To get more customers.
  • Needed a cost-effective approach to spread the Word.


  • Received 30% new registrations
  • Amount invested by customers in the poker game increased monthly by 10%.
  • Even they had  increased click-through rate

4. LensKart


LensKart is an online shopping platform for an eyewear brand. They provide glasses and eye checkups services at the doorstep.


  • Want to sync all existing customers’ contacts to spread their message.
  • Wanted to increase their online sales


  • Synced about 200 million contacts in just six months. 
  • Increased sales and increased web traffic.

5.  HealthKart


HealthKart is an online platform that offers all products for fitness and gym freaks. They offer a wide range of health supplements to their customers.


  • To Increase Social Engagement.
  •  To Improve the number of Registrations.
  • To reduce the Cost of Acquisition in new sales.


  • Social engagement increased by 80%.
  • The cost of acquisition of new sales gets reduced by 50%.
  • Registrations get increased by 40%.

6.  IDFC Bank


IDFC banks primarily deal with financial solutions to individuals, businesses, and corporations. It provides financial help, like opening accounts and providing loans.


  • The primary goal is to get new customers to open savings accounts.
  • They wanted an approach that costs less, but the success rate is high.


  • Social engagement increased by 120%.
  • CPA gets reduced by 90%.



CHIMCARD  is a company that offers exclusive discounts at the best restaurants in Thailand. They provide cards which they call them as—Chimcard. 


  • They wanted their members to spread Word of mouth on social media platforms. 


  • They received 40% registrations of new customers.
  • They generated 20% more sales.

8. Ava Women

 Ava Women

Ava women is an online healthcare company for women. They wanted to help every woman around the world. 


  • To increase the conversion rate.
  • They wanted to target the health-enthusiasts.


  • Saw an increase in their revenue, generated revenue of $2 million per month.
  • They also got successful in spreading awareness regarding women’s health care.

9. Swimply


Swimply is a pool sharing platform. It makes them meet pool owners and non-pool owners to get access to the pools. 


  • They wanted to spread awareness about their unique idea.


  • They generated 50% more revenue every month.

10. HowDoo


HowDoo is a startup based on BlockChain technology. It works as a messaging and social media platform that aims to perform a different advertising model than traditional social media platforms. 


  • They wanted their users to sign-up and share the Telegram channel.


  • They received more than 40k subscribers.

Referral program case studies of some of our exclusive customers

11John Cristeni 

 John Cristeni

John Cristeni is an affiliate marketer and an enthusiast who used to work 9 hours a day, but then he decided to enter the world of Affiliate marketing leaving behind the corporate world. He has been featured in Forbes Magazine and has reached a number of people.


  • To spread affiliate marketing to a number of people.
  • He wanted existing customers to support him in his mission.


  • Got 7000 new affiliate users that brought 300k new invites per month.
  • Received 60% enhancement in new affiliate members.

12. Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP) 

 Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP)

AAP is a political party who wanted their supporters to contribute in the funds for Delhi elections.


  •  To maximize the donations for Delhi elections.


  • Got 21K Donors who have challenged their friends for donations.
  • Received 100K email invites, 10K shares on Facebook, Twitter, and different mobile applications
  • Reached to more than 1 million people.
  • Around 3,500 people contributed through friend referrals
  • Collected 18 Million INR donation through friend referrals online

13. ShopClues


ShopClues is an online marketplace that fulfils every customer need under one roof.


  • To enhance the number of installs of ShopClue’s application.


  • Increased reach to the target audience through friend invites

14. Buyhatke


Buyhatke helps its customers shop online and help customers find the best prices across eCommerce websites when they shop through their website. 


  • To improve downloads of their browser extension through referral program marketing. 


  • Got 1250+ participants
  •  Reached to 85000+ people through referral invites
  • Received 6000+ site visits
  • Received Email invite open rate of 30% and click rate of 7%



FabAlley is an online shopping store for women’s clothes and apparels in India.



  • Received 5ok potential customers through friend referrals

16. Surfer

Surfer built a Kickstarter referral program to raise funds for its Kickstarter project. SurfEars has been developed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes to prevent their ears without affecting hearing and balance. 


  • To make a social Buzz about their kickstarter project through a referral program.


  • Reached to 5k people within a few days of the launch of the referral program.

17. Itimes


Items is a network that provides all the interesting news like things that are in trends and viral.


  •  To bring more registrations on the website.


  • Reached up to 500k target audience through friend invites that too within three months resulting in a low customer acquisition cost.

 I hope these referral program case studies helped you to understand how these brands changed their goals into desired results.


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