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Start Referral Campaign using WordPress Woocommerce Refer-a-friend Plugin




So how do you grow your business to reach more and more customers ? Research shows that 65% of new business comes from referrals, people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend and the LifeTime Value of a new referral customer is 16% higher.

Integrate Customer referral Campaigns like Refer-a-friend, Tell-a-friend in your Woocommerce Shop using Inviterferals plugin. You just need to install and configure InviteReferrals plugin.

How to Setup Referral Program Campaign – Invitereferrals




InviteReferrals referral program software is the simplest tool to design and launch customer referral campaigns. In this article, you will learn how to launch the Referral Program Campaign.

Referral Campaign Setup Guide

First goto “Campaigns Section” (Left Panel) and click on “Create New Campaign”. There are 6 steps to configure the referral campaign.

  1. Basic
  2. Customize Campaign
  3. Sharing Content
  4. Events / Rewards
  5. Widget Display Rules
  6. Launch


Start Referral Program Campaign with Google Form




Referral Program is becoming the essential part of your business for marketing of your products or service. Now You can start your Referral Marketing program with Invitereferrals which integrate it with different platform like MailChimp, Google Form. It can also simply integrate with CMS like WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop, CS-cart etc.

This Tutorial Provides you the integration steps for the Referral program for  Google form which can be run under different alias like refer a friend , invite a friend , refer and earn etc.


Integrate CS-Cart Addon for Social Referral Campaign Marketing



Click here to get the Addon. This Addon integrates the Social Referral Campaign Marketing  on your CS-Cart eCommerce  website (Supports all versions.). There are 3 parts to activate Referral Marketing Campaign on your CS-Cart website


1. Integrate InviteReferrals CS Cart AddOn. (Part A)

2. Create and activate campaign in InviteReferrals. (Part B)


Increase MailChimp Subscribers using Refer a friend Program




Refer a Friend program and rss to push notification is a effective way to increase subscribers. You can get more subscribers through your existing site visitors and subscribers for more details you can follow the case studies HERE

Follow the simple steps below to start a refer a friend program that integrates with your Mailchimp accoun. It requires a custom thank you page to be added using  Mailchimp control panel as follows


Install Free Prestashop Module for Refer a Friend Program



Click here to get the module. This module integrates the Refer a Friend Program on your Prestashop eCommerce website (Supports all versions.). There are 2 parts to activate referral program on your Prestashop site

1. Integrate InviteReferrals Prestashop module. (Part A)

2. Create and activate campaign in InviteReferrals. (Part B)

Install Opencart Module For Referral Program



Click here to get the module. This module integrates the customer referral program on your Opencart eCommerce website (Supports all versions.). There are 2 parts to activate referral program on your opencart site

1. Integrate InviteReferrals Opencart Module. (Part A)

2. Create and activate campaign in InviteReferrals. (Part B)

WordPress referral program tutorial

wordpress plugin



Launching Referral Program for WordPress is very simple with invitereferrals.com. If you are not signed up with InviteReferrals already, you’ll need to do so. Sign up for free now !!.


Conversion Webhook




Conversion Webhook is a HTTP callback triggered when there is goal conversion.


How To Set

1) Edit Campaign.

2) Go to “Website Integration” section.

3) Add the HTTP callback url in Conversion Webhook field under track conversions.