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How Lenskart Increased its online sales by 200% using Contact Sync Referal Program

This is the blog where we will learn about India’s fastest-growing online eyewear brand—Lenskart. We will know how they made a strong grip in the market where every second is a competition to succeed. 

About Lenskart

Lenskart is an online store for the eyewear brand. They are the leading brand in the industry of eye care and eyewear. Lenskart provides the best services to their customers online, who would have thought of getting glasses and eye checkups at your doorstep?

But that was the concern of Lenskart because people believe more in visiting doctors in person for eye checkups or for buying any eyewear. Thus, it was a major task to bring in customers and make them try glasses with such ease. 

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Lenskart wanted to get a strong customer base and make widespread selling eyewear online. They wanted the taboo of “going out to an eye doctor for eye care” to the halt.

What Lenskart wanted?

1. They wanted to sync the contact of the customers, for sending messages to all, at once regarding referral program.

2. Lenskart wanted to increase their online sales.

The advertisements cost hefty and according to many studies, 76% of people do not trust the advertisements. Thus, getting something that people trust was a big deal.

Who do you trust more, your friends or the advertisements? Obviously your friends right! This is why Lenskart wanted to sync contacts of the customers to send their contacts messages regarding referral program.


Lenskart has both online and physical stores, but to create a strong online presence is in the trend. Thus, Lenskart wanted something which can gain a strong customer base.

Therefore, Lenskart approached InviteReferrals to get a referral program for their business so that they can achieve their goals. InviteReferrals made an interactive and customized referral program for Lenslkart.

The Referral Program helped Lenskart to sync contacts of their customers.

They synced around 200 million contacts for sending referral messages in just six months.
The contact sync was useful because it can lead to increased sales and increased web traffic.

The reward on Lenskart Referral Program was a cash reward up to Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 on every contact sync, this led to a great indulgence of customers in the referral program.

How does Lenskart Referral Program work?

Lenskart runs a referral program which says ‘Connect & Earn.’ The primary goal of Lenskart was to sync contacts of their customers.

Syncing of contact made it easy for Lenskart to send messages to the friends’ of their customer asking them to enrol in the referral program.

The messages sent to the customer’s contacts by Lenskart were in the name of the customers. Since people trust their friends more!!

For example, Eliza is the customer of Lenskart. She enrolled for the Lenskart referral program and clicked on the CTA which says ‘Sync Contacts’. Suppose Eliza have 200 contacts in her phone book, therefore the messages will be sent to all 200 contacts of Eliza.

This led to increased web traffic and increases sales.

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FINAL OUTCOME [200 Million Contact Synced]

After implementing a referral program, Lenskart found out that they have synced more than 200 million contacts of their customers in six months.

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The engagement in their mobile application was increased. Since they promised cash reward up to 50 rupees on each contact synced. This resulted in a hike in their sale by 30%.

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