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How Healthkart Increased Social Engagement by 80%

Healthkart is a place where all health & fitness crazy can get all the related products in one place. They sell various gym products and health supplements which are a necessity in this hectic life.

As Healthkart says: “Healthkart is a great place for people serious about health and fitness.”

Since people trust visiting doctors in person to take health advice, thus it is not easy to bring in customers to buy health products online. Also, some people consider consuming health supplements as taboo. Thus, making people aware of the supplements and benefits came with a huge task.

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Healthkart wanted to make people aware of health supplements and its benefits on the very popular medium that is the ‘Internet’. When more than half of the nation is busy buying things online so why not care about your health online?

Healthkart wanted to increase the incoming traffic on their website and wanted more and more people to register to their website.

Healthkart wanted to increase the sale of their products without spending much on traditional advertisements and doing the things contemporary way.

Goals to Achieve-

  1. Increase Social Engagement
  2. Increase number of Registrations
  3. Reduce the Cost of Acquisition in new sales


The one thing that online stores miss is a sense of tangibility. The physical stores take the benefit of it. Healthkart wanted to make people aware of shopping of health and fitness products online without spending hefty on advertisements yet getting most of the benefit.

Healthkart approached InviteReferrals to accomplish their goals by starting a referral program. A referral program can get a company a strong customer base without spending a hefty amount.

A Few Facts on Referral program:

1. A referral program is shared over various social mediums by the customers with their peers, which lead to increased social engagement.

2. When a referral link is shared by the referrer to their friends it brings in more customers and increased registrations.

3. According to many studies, 92% of people trust the recommendations of their friends. Thus, it leads to increased sales with the reduced cost of acquisition.

4. A referral program is easy to use and is cost-effective. You get the best results with the minimum investment.

healthkart referral program


The numbers of visitors spiked and spent extra time on a website engaging with the referral program and earning rewards. Social engagement was increased by 80%.

As Healthkart wanted to reduce the cost of acquisition, get achieved it via referral program. The cost of acquisition of new sales was reduced by 50%.

There was an increase in the number of new customers and registrations were increased by 40%.

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