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StarQuik Referral Marketing Case Study to Increase Customer Base

StarQuik Referral Marketing Case Study: Starquik is an online grocery shopping platform that makes every household’s life easy. It’s a unique platform that provides solutions for all your needs. Customers can order a wide variety of products. StarQuik provides groceries, fresh fruits, personal care products, and much more.

StarQuik Referral Marketing Case Study

After reading this case study, you will learn how StarQuik services are beneficial for all of us. And how, with the help of a referral program, StarQuik overcame its challenges.

How Starquik has made its customers’ lives easy?

how starquik made it's customer's

Nowadays people find it difficult to step out of their comfort for purchasing groceries, chicken, and day-to-day products. Online shopping has revolutionized our shopping modes and methods. Now, one can avail these services by sitting at home. Previously, customers had doubts regarding the quality of products.

 But e-commerce policies have made it a reliable service for customers. StarQuik with its fast and reliable services made it possible for customers to purchase everyday needs products with ease. Delivery of groceries becomes easy with Starquik.

What were the Starquik challenges before referral marketing?

Starquik challenges before referral marketing

Demand for online services has created a lot of potential opportunities for businesses to increase their customer base. But becoming a customer choice is not a simple task. In the era of competition, one must choose its methods wisely. StarQuik aims to provide good quality products to its customers. But also wants to increase its customer base so that every customer can be benefited from their services. StarQuik wanted cost and time effective method for boosting its sales. Therefore, StarQuik has approached Invite Referrals so they can achieve their goals. 

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How InviteReferrals helped StarQuik in promoting their brand?

how invitereferrals help startquik

Invite referrals to help them with an interactive and engaging referral program that helped them to increase their sales and user base. Invite referral promotes trust towards brand because of people likely to follow their friend’s choice or suggestion when it comes to grocery rather than following any new brand. StarQuik has started a referral program on their website where they are giving 151 INR to the referrer and flat 200 INR cashback to the referee. People tend to follow words of mouth, therefore Invite Referrals helps in promoting words of mouth marketing.


After using InviteReferral services, StarQuik increased its yearly referral revenue by 4x.

There is a 20% increase in new monthly Accusations.

After using a referral program, the average referral Order amount increased by 3x than a non-referral customer.

People likely to follow a friend’s suggestions when it comes to the quality of the product and Invite Referral provided the same opportunity to its users.

As Starquik wanted to use the cost-effective method, StarQuik achieved it via the referral program. The cost of acquisition of new sales was reduced by 30%.


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