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How MylesCars Increased Their Sales by 30%


MylesCars is India’s first car-rental service. They share a large part in the transportation industry. They provide cars on rent to the people. MylesCars act like a broker between the car owners and the customers who want to rent a car.

Why MylesCars?

There are times when people want to drive by themselves and don’t want to rent a taxi, which is when such transportation services come into action. 

Car Rentals are the alternative mode of car ownership to the people who are willing to buy a car. 


MylesCars wanted a platform where not only they can promote their product but also engage with their customers. There are times when people want to drive the car by themselves and do not want to rent a taxi. Here comes such transportation service like MylesCars in action.  

MylesCars goals

“With the fast-paced growth in the digital market, where every business is going online, the competition in the market also increased. With time there is a huge demand for rental cars as people think it off as another mode of car ownership.”

According to Statista, the car-rentals industry will see an increase of 7.8% of increased growth in the upcoming years. 

Also, as we see climate change, thus, there is increased concern on the lower emissions. Therefore, there will be people who will be renting cars, which means increased competition in the market. 

What MylesCars want to achieve?

MylesCars wanted a campaign that not only increased their sales but also engages with its customers. They wanted their customers to promote their products.

Asking your customers for brand promotion is considered one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

Therefore, MylesCars contacted InviteReferrals to launch a Referral Campaign for its customers.

Referral Programs are the source to achieve two-way optimization—it benefits both the customer and the business. 

Once the customer shares the referral link with their friends, they will receive a dedicated reward on every successful referral. And the business will receive a new conversion/customer. 

MylesCars already had a large number of data of their happy customers that they wanted to use for brand promotion by sharing a referral link with them. 


MylesCars started the referral program by InviteReferrals and saw an increase in their sales by 30%. 

Referral Marketing

It is a famous saying that “People are four times likely to trust a brand if it is recommended by the people they know.”

MylesCars started a Referral Campaign which states ‘friends with benefit.’ They rewarded their customers with a coupon worth Rs. 600 on every successful referral they made. 


The large-scale industries like MylesCars can use their customer data to run a successful referral campaign. Many companies have already existing data of their customers [mobile number or email address] and send them the referral invite.

Sara Williams

Sara is a Content Writer at InviteReferrals. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.