How Referral Campaign works

Mobile Application Flow


Customer invites his friends through the referral program.


Friend accepts the invite, installs the mobile application


InviteReferrals sends coupon to the referrer over email for driving a referral install.

Website Flow


1. Launch the Referral campaign

Set up a customer referral campaign by following simple instructions of setup guide. Integrate and promote the referral campaign on website, as facebook timeline application and on other channels.
Campaign promotion guide!

2. Customers participate in referral campaign

Customers connect with facebook to enroll into the referral campaign on your website or facebook fan page! You can export this customer data anytime.


3. Customers Refer friends

After campaign enrollment the customer can refer friends through multiple social channels including facebook, twitter, email, chat, google+, linkedin etc. Read about referral options

4. Reward customers for Referral Sales

InviteReferrals software tracks each invite sent, site visit, and referral sale/conversion. A reward email is sent automatically to the referrer for succesful referral conversions.


5. Customer Referral panel

Your customers can come back to your website and can see their referral statistics anytime in the customer referral campaign panel itself.

Increase Reach

Drive millions of referral invites and visits to your site through customer referral campaign. Read on referral campaign statistics

360* Branding

Engage customers and create social buzz by launching a new customer referral campaign every month. Customer referral campaign promotion guide

Increase sales

Increase referral visits and sales. Word of mouth is the most trusted form of marketing.

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