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How to promote Referral Program?

Referral campaign promotion forms an important part of the success of any Customer Referral Program. The success of the program is directly proportional to the visibility and exposure of the program to customers. Here I enlist some of the ways to promote the referral programs.

1.) Referral program announcement via Emails

  • You can get the referral program link to include in email newsletters here.
  • Inform the entire existing customer base about the referral program through emails.
  • Put referral campaign participation link in the footer/header of all your email templates like registration/order email. Here is an example


2.) Putting the referral program on the home page of the site

The home page of the site gets maximum visitors. You can show the Referral popup window powered by invitereferrals on a home page. You can limit the popup window to appear only once after a delay of 15 seconds (via the Edit campaign section). This way the popup will not spoil the user experience and at the same time nudge the customer to refer friends.

The majority of times site visitors may not buy products but would refer friends for an incentive. Since the visitor social circle also comprises of similar demography and target audience. This can help you reach the target audience

referral program popup

3.) Thank you/Check out page integration for Ecommerce sites


Similarly e-commerce sites can also integrate the referral popup on the thank you/success page after purchase. This will nudge the customer to share his experience with friends.

4.) Promote referral program as Facebook Timeline Application.


You can launch the referral program on facebook fan page as timeline application in few clicks via the InviteReferrals Admin Panel. Click here for article on setting up the app. This way you can drive the referrals and more business through your existing fan base.

5.) Promote referral program on Digital properties


Promote referral program on social media through the brand Official facebook fan page, Twitter handle, Google etc. Announce the weekly top referrers as brand ambassadors to increase user engagement on digital properties.

6.) Setting the right landing page for referral program


A landing page is the Url where a friend (referee) will be redirected on clicking the referral link/ referral invite. It could be your website home page or specific landing page created for your referral campaign. It could also be a page showing your latest offers to acquire new referral customers.

7.) Explain how your referral program works with a simple and clearly-designed referral page.

It’s also a good idea to explain your referral program and how it works to your customers. explains how their Referral Program works through a step-by-step process. Check the screenshot below


8.) Re-engage customers with new referral campaign every month


Customers participate and share only once in a campaign. With you can design a new referral campaign every month with fresh content/gratification to re-engage the customers. This would motivate the customers to participate and refer again. You can also promote a new category of products every month through referral campaign.

9.) Tracking pixel integration


Ensure that you have integrated the tracking pixel correctly to track referral sales/registrations. Following tutorial explains tracking pixel integration in detail – Referral goal conversion checklist

These are general ways to promote referral program. There are always more ways to promote as per business nature. We will keep posting regular updates to this article and also have a separate section for campaign ideas.


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