Different Customer Referral options

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There are multiple customer referral options available including Facebook notification invite, Email Invite, facebook chat message, facebook share, tweet and linkedin share. Customer can also share his custom referral link with anyone over chat. Below we explain each customer referral option in detail.

1. Customer referral option – Facebook Share

Customers can seamlessly share their referral link on facebook. The referral feed appears on their friends facebook newsfeed. The friend would click on the feed to come to the referral program landing page. Facebook customer referral feed generally is visible to  closest 20-50% of the friends on facebook. If I have 300 friends then it would be seen by upto 150 of my closest friends. Below is a sample feed.

facebook referral feed invitereferrals
facebook referral feed invitereferrals

2. Customer referral tweet

Customers can seamlessly tweet their referral link on twitter.  Customer referral tweet will be visible to all the twitter followers. Brands can customize the tweet text via campaign edit section. Here is how sample tweet looks.

Tweet customer referral option
Tweet customer referral option

3. Email Invite

Customers can invite friends through email as well. The content of the email invite should be minimum and focus on the brand core offering, and call to action referral button. Invitereferrals allows customers to directly import all the email contacts and send them invites. This significantly increases the number of invites sent and is one of most effective customer referral option.

Email customer referral option - invitereferrals
Email customer referral option – invitereferrals

4. Facebook Invite

Facebook invite is one one of the most innovative ways to refer customers over facebook. Here is how a facebook invite looks like.

Facebook notification customer referral option - invitereferrals
Facebook notification customer referral option – invitereferrals

5. Facebook Send Message

Facebook send message directly sends the referral link and message to the chat window of facebook friend. The invites sent through this option may be comparatively less but they are very personalized and have high click through rate.

Facebook send message Customer referral option - invitereferrals
Facebook send message Customer referral option – invitereferrals

6. Linkedin Share referral option

This option is particularly useful for businesses whose target customers are other businesses like SAAS products or recruitment companies that are targeting professionals active over linkedin. Here is how a linked in share looks like

Invitereferrals referral marketing software gives all the customer referral options to drive maximum invites.



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