Referral Marketing For Hotel Industry

Give value to your customers and see how your business climbs to the new heights. Reward them and make them feel precious. It is one of those competitive businesses that need new customers every day. So, they need to plan their strategies differently. But as we all know, if we want to succeed, we should also take care of our existing customers. And retaining existing customers is an even more difficult task for them. 

referral marketing for hotel industry

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The Referral Program has come up with a solution to help them.

As we all know, when it comes to trying something new, people love to know about other people’s references. Hotels and restaurant services are regular nowadays. People on the weekend love to spend their time with family in a fine dining restaurant. 

Every tourist wants to stay in a good and affordable hotel. Restaurants are now coming up with different referral programs to attract customers. Referring to a friend is a great source to attract new customers.

When it comes to food; people like to hear reviews and recommendations. Thus referral campaign is the best option to gain attention from your customer peers. Still, have a doubt?

hotel referral program
lemon tree referral program

Let's study one of our client success stories of Lemontree

It is a hotel chain company in India. It is India’s one of the largest hotel chains in the medium price sector. 

The lemon tree hotels wanted to attract new customers by giving exciting offers to their existing customers. When your existing customers have a favorable view of your business, it multiplies your promotion by five folds.

The lemon tree hotels approached InviteRefferals to start their referral marketing campaign. Refer a friend program helps the lemon tree hotels to gain new customers. It was increasing not only their revenue but also its goodwill among other hotels.

After reading this story, you might have understood how referral campaign benefits for your business.

Every business should experiment with a referral program. Without experimenting, no company can take its advantage.

So let's learn some of the referral marketing features.

  • Cost-effective approach
  • Easy reachability
  • Tried and trusted method.
  • Beneficial for all industries.
  • Direct relation with revenue

See, it has a lot of advantages, and one must not overlook 
this while planning to expand its businesses.

referral marketing features

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