Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing- A Smart Strategy

Many of you must have heard about this awesome new term ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’- a great way for lead generation, this means where people tell people some piece of information. It is a widely used term in the world of business. Being mere a famous phrase, it is very effective too.

 “People trust the words of their confidants.”

Word of Mouth Marketing Infographic

Infographic on Word of Mouth Marketing

Had a wonderful dinner last night at a restaurant which is around the corner of the street? Was the dinner much amazing than you expected? Then you tweet it or Instagram it. Also, you suggest it to your friends and family, which leads to a percentage of the gain in business, this explains the best what WOM ‘literally’ mean.

There could be various reasons you can give a customer to talk about you positively! Like you can go beyond their expectations or treat them special. These are some ways you can provide a reason to talk about your company.

word of mouth marketing

Why Word of Mouth Marketing is so important?

Always think you as of a customer and then question yourself whether you will buy a product with negative or no online reviews?

Of course, the answer will be ‘No’ for some. And some will go with the suggestions of their family or friends, but opinions and reviews matter! Also, online media plays an important role. A review, be it negative or positive it can reach millions in a few matters of second. WOM is not a new term, the time before when online media was not a thing, Word of Mouth has always been there to get leads.

There are several pieces of research performed on this, and all have the same conclusion, that people trust the reviews and the word of other people.

Word of Mouth is all about reviews.

Refer a Friend

How to implement WOM to your business?

Before starting off, here are a few facts you might know:

User- Generated Facts (UGF)

  • People don’t trust on online advertisements but believe in recommendations from their acquaintances.
  • By WOM a business can earn 2 times more than with the sales.
  • There is only a percentage of businesses who are taking WOM into consideration; this article will help them know the importance of it.

Encourage UGF as the facts and the content which is created by the consumers of the product. The content of these customers is more trusted as they have been a part of you since a long time and by this, it gives a business to work well for them more and keep them as a family.

UGF is more like online reviews, but it is more focused on social media, like creating the hashtags for different content of also sharing creative imagery and creating attractive campaigns.

Report on word of mouth marketing

Offer Incentives and Values

Sharing valuable information, sending them newsletters, telling them about a new product launch can make them feel special.

Also, thank them by giving your customer discounts and a free product this can up your WOM game, as they will definitely share good about you to others.

Referral Programs

Create Referral Programs

Referral programs justify word of mouth marketing the best. You make your existing customer share referral link to the other people they know. By this way, your clients will get you new trusted customers and earn a profit too. This is the best acquisition you will ever earn. Learn more on Referral Programs.

Get amazing ideas on referral programs and think of getting yourself a one, to up your sales.

Referral program steps


Word of Mouth marketing is now way easier to use. Thanks to the internet. Every business should consider implementing it.

There are many businesses and companies that have benefited from it. Learn more about it from Nielsen’s report, and you will know, how important it is to implement word of mouth to your business.

Hope you liked the article and it helped you in clearing all the doubts you had.

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