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Mobile App Referral Program Rule Book

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This is the digital era where almost everyone in a household owns a desktop or mobile phone with high-speed internet. Thus, getting connected with the customers over these devices has become a trend. Many companies spend buckets full of money in marketing to create a strong customer base. But do we know what the most cost-effective way to attract the customers is? Referral Program Marketing.

Simple, Affordable and Effective, these three words explain referral marketing the best. According to researches, the online business experiences better success growth after implementing referral program marketing into their business. Here is the proof: Referral program case studies.

For referral marketing, you should always target your customers first. The customers fall into many different categories such as different gender, age or the devices they use. While launching a referral program we should consider all the customers. We will talk about all such categories further in this blog. Let us first know what people prefer using, Mobile or Desktop?

Mobile app or Desktop for referral program?

According to BroadBand Search, mobile users increased by 52.2% over these years. Clearly, mobile users are increasing every day and we need to keep up with it.

mobile traffic referral program

Thus in this blog, we will learn the amazing ways to attract customers via Mobile Referral Program Marketing. But before we begin with the superb tricks I have a question for you all. Who do you trust the most, your friends/family or the sales representative trying to woo you?

If your answer is ‘friends and family’ the blog is for you.

What is Mobile Referral Program?

Mobile Referral program Marketing is like any other referral marketing. Your advocates recommend your services to their peers and in return, they receive rewards. Referral Marketing works on two-way optimization where both you and your customers get benefits from the referral campaigns. Referral Marketing works on the idea of word of mouth marketing.

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind before launching a referral program app, to make it a success.

How to make Mobile Referral App a success?

Now I won’t go round talking about mobile referral program marketing and will come to the point straight. Let us know the best practices to follow to make a mobile referral app a success.

1. Target Customers

This is the first step to the journey of a referral program. Create different segments for your customers based on their preferences, age, gender and their engagement on your webpage. The segmentation of customers should be done pre-campaign launch.

If your mobile referral program is meant for a specific gender to say, women, thus it should be marketed only to the women. Send emails and text messages to the ‘gender-specific customer’ so that your referral program will reach out to the dedicated people.

2. Business Promotion

When you launch a referral program it should have an agenda, it might solely generate traffic for the webpage or can promote a product. But a referral program should give out incentives that show a relation with your business and its products.

For example, you are a telecommunication provider and giving out t-shirts on every successful referral is not a good practice. Instead, giving out free internet can make your referral program a success.

3. Two-way Gratification

In the hustle of rewarding the advocates’ people sometimes forgets that the referral program is made for getting new customers. You need to provide the rewards to both the advocates and their friends.

4. Analytics and Statistics

To know the customer behaviour it is a necessity to use powerful analytics into your referral program. Track the activity of the customer that has been performed in the campaign. From link clicks to the share get the insights of everything.

By implementing the analytics to your referral campaign it creates a scope of improvement if your campaign lacks something.

5. Emails and other Notifications

By just creating and launching a referral program won’t bring you any customers. You need to market it and advertise the mobile referral program. Send your customers emails and notifications regarding the referral program, reach out to them and ask them to participate in the referral campaign to get benefit from the rewards.

Even post the campaign launch keep sending them notifications as a daily reminder and update.

6. Easy and Interactive User-Experience

It is a very crucial part because the mobile app referral program is for the customers and they should have an easy experience using it. The colours, the images, CTA’s and the headings all matter the most. A referral program should have to be attractive and should contain easy navigations.

Mentioned below are some of the best mobile referral programs in the industry. Feel free to steal some inspiration and implement it to your referral campaign.

Mobile Referral Program Templates


Myntra is an e-commerce company selling clothing and other accessories. They have embarked on a good place in the market alongside many big names like Amazon and Flipkart in India. They use amazing marketing strategies to attract their customers one of which includes mobile app referral marketing.

The ‘refer and earn’ tab is easy to find in their app as it is mentioned in the menu. They have used an attractive CTA which clearly states to copy the referral link to further share it with their friends. Moreover, they have a section where the referrer can see the shares they made and rewards they got.

Myntra referral program


Uber is a globally renowned cab service provider. They have evolved impeccably over the years because they market their services via word of mouth. Their advocates share the coupon codes to get discounted and in return uber gets a new customer every time.

They have a Tab which says ‘Free Trips’ to which many customers would most likely to click. When they will click the tab they will see a referral code to share over with their friends to ride for free.

Uber app referral program


Ola is similar to what uber is- an e-cab service provider. Unlike Uber, Ola is only limited to India. Over the years they have been a great success to walk alongside many big names in, cab service providers. They too use the most cost-effective way to earn customers which is app referral program marketing.

They have a dedicated section for the refer and earn. The section of the app clearly states what it is about. They are offering Rs. 50 each to both their customers and their friends. This is two-way gratification. The CTA ‘Invite friends’ is also contrasting with the imagery and the text, which is a good practice.

ola referral code


I need not give a brief about what Netflix is, because I know all you do at the weekend is Netflix and chill *wink*. Netflix was founded in 1997 but became viral in later 2007. Netflix is top grosser in the world for streaming movies and shows. They now started the new marketing strategy which is, refer your friends.

They are not offering any discounts or rewards to their customers but asking their advocates for favour. Their referral program is asking the advocates to recommend Netflix to their friends. By referring the services with their friends they too can enjoy the ‘Netflix Binge’.

netflix mobile referral program

Why choose Mobile Referral Program?

Now that you know how the use of mobile and the internet has taken a flight over the years. It leaves no question that targeting customers over the mobile phone will be a success. Targeting and engaging customers via app referral marketing is one of the best ways. As it is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways.


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