What is Referral Code

A referral code is a unique code that every referrer shares with their friends during a referral campaign. Every referral code is unique for every individual who has enrolled in the referral program of a company.

The smooth working of a referral program is only possible if referral code is in action. Because every referral share needs tracking (for who shared the link with whom and how many times) and doing it manually can get clumsy.

As we know, the running of a referral program plays a crucial role in the growth of the company. Referral programs are way more effective than traditional advertisements and cost much less. According to Nielsen’s report, 92% of people trust the word of their peers and then only trust a product to buy.

Thus it is essential to make a referral program success, and referral codes play a vital role in it.

Let us now learn in detail.

What is the Referral Code?

A referral code is a number, alphabet, or maybe an alphanumeric code assigned to every referrer for sharing of the referral link.

The code assigned to every referrer is unique for everyone. Every referral campaign comes with some incentives or rewards. Thus, it becomes a necessity to provide different codes for all individuals.

To give out the rewards to the deserving individual’s code is very important. Manual entries of the shred referral links and the codes can get tricky sometimes (running referral program on a large scale), which can often lead to blunders.

referral code

Are Referral Link and Referral Code Similar? 

No, referral code and referral link are two different entities but can only work together.

Types of Referral Program Code

There are various types of referral codes that can be used by creating an interactive referral program. But beforehand, we will learn how the referral program works.

Step 1: the company will create a referral program “Refer-a-friend and get $200 amazon gift card.”

Step 2: The customer visits the company’s web page and signs in to the referral program.

Step 3: when the user will sign in, they will get a referral link with a unique code to share over different social platforms with their friends.

Step 4: once the user will share the link with their friends, their friends will sign up.

Step 5: the company will get notified, and the referrer then can avail of their reward/incentive.

customized code

The following are the various referral program codes that be taken in use:

Customized Codes

As you can see in the example below, this is the referral program of Alteration Specialists. They have a feature of customized referral links, where customers can create a code the way they like. It creates a sense of personalization when they share the code with their friends.

Link with the Numeric Referral Code            

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, that referral code can be numeric or alphanumeric. Here Biryani by Kilo has created a referral program where they assign all individuals the unique referral code. And that unique code is all numeric.

Random Code without the Link

Here in their referral program, Spa Nation has created a code that is not attached to any referral link and comes with a unique and random code. Usually, to use such types of codes (with no links), customers have to enter the code manually in the application.

spa nation referral code

Note: Referral code and referral link are two different entities but can only work together.

How to create Referral Codes

  • Keep the code short and unique.
  • The Zeros (0) & O’s confuses people. Thus avoid using them.
  • Similarly, upper case I’s and lowercase L’s (l) confuses people, and avoids them too.
  • Let people create customized and personalized codes, as it creates a sense of personalization.

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