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How to Attract New Customers for Business A Classified Guide.

Being a marketer, you should be known the fact that attracting new customers is the most crucial and difficult part to run a business. You might be selling fancy products and top-notch industry products, but what if there are no buyers? All your hard work can go in vain, right? 

A good customer base runs your business. One of the best and proven ways to attract new customers to your business is word of mouth. Word of mouth is where your existing, satisfied customers spread the good word about you to their friends and family. As the marketing legends say:

 One good review can get 10 customers; likewise, 1 negative review can take away 10 customers.

Thus, it is imperative to maintain the good reputation of your brand online, as 8 out of 10 customers will be buying your product after reading testimonials.

There are buckets full of ideas that one can implement on their business to attract new customers. But it all depends upon the type of business. People would love to receive a t-shirt giveaway from a clothing brand rather than from an online pharmacy. 

How do you know what your customers prefer?

  1. Do the surveys. 
  2. Pen down all the data collected from the surveys.
  3. Brainstorm and Implement ideas to the business.
  4. If one idea fails, try again and keep experimenting.

Hence, this was all about knowing your customers, but that is not it. Doing the surveys and getting new customers might sound simple, but it is not.

Further, in this blog, I have mentioned 8 innovative ideas that can bring you a new customer base. 

How to Attract More Customers to Your Business.

Below listed are some of the best and the most cost-effective methods that one can implement to their business. But before I begin, I need to give a small disclaimer that some ideas might work when used together and some when used alone.

And a friendly reminder again—Keep Experimenting. 

1. Word of Mouth Marketing

word of mouth marketing

The marketing works parallel to the paid and the organic traffic. Many believe in attracting customers from paid ads, some stick to a no advertisements policy and wait for customers to turn in in a natural way.

Customers’ turning in organically is not a myth. People these days do not trust paid advertisements. Many studies have found that 83% of the customers find ads spam and don’t believe them. Instead, people trust the word of their peers before subscribing to a company or buying a product. But beforehand, you need to satisfy your existing customers as they will advertise for you, and it all depends on your services. The advertisement can be good or bad.

The satisfied customer is the most effective source of advertisement, the only con is—word of mouth is a process of patience as customers take time to turn in when they hear about a brand.

2. Customer Engagement Programs

customer engagement

To gain new customers, it is also essential to retain the existing ones. The existing customers can get you a strong customer base if they are engaged well with your web page. There are various customer engagement programs that one can implement to their webpage. All these programs are cost-effective and have excellent potential to get customer conversions.

Launching programs like Referral Marketing and Advocacy Marketing to your webpage increases customer engagement.

These are the best ways to earn two-way optimization. By launching such influencers programs, both you and your customers will get benefit out of it. They will get incentives and rewards. You will get the referred customers.

3. Interactive Deals

interactive deals

People love to hear words like ‘FREE’ or ‘50% Discount’ or ‘SALE.’ Offering discounts and exciting deals are the most potent way of attracting customers to your brand.

Sales for the customers are the way to save from spending huge bucks. Thus, almost all the customers out there never miss a sale. The maximum number of customer turns in during the time of sale and other offers. This is the best way to keep customers engaged.

4. User-Friendly Website

website to attract customers

Make sure that your webpage is not heavily decorated and on the contrary, too basic. You need to maintain this thin line because people like to see fancy, something that is pleasing to the eyes. But doing the fancy over the top might not look good.

On the other hand, not just making an attractive website can attract you, new customers. You need to make the user’s journey on your webpage easy to work on. From the time they enter the landing page until the checkout makes the whole navigation easy. Include beautiful CTA’s (Call to Action), and imagery. Also, make sure that the website is not too heavy.

5. Social Media Presence

social media to attract customers

A video can get 40 million reaches in minutes. Why? Because now there are plenty of social media platforms and people out there have accounts all social media apps. Try to reach your customers via the social platform. This is the money saver and an effective way to reach out to the customers.

Post on the social platform whenever there is a new update related to any product or blog. Keeping in touch with the customers regularly gives out a positive response to the customers.

Listen to their queries and respond to them directly—customers feel good when they are heard.

6. Irresistible Content

content is king

If you think that ‘Content is the King’—term is overused. You might be right, but you cannot deny it because content has the power to sell a $10 pen to $90. Target the audience right. Know what they want to read and write the same through a compelling vocabulary. You should know the techniques on how to advertise your business with good content.

7. Brand Reputation Management

brand reputation management

In this digital world, when people invariably talk about your brand and its products all the time, you need to manage what people say about your business which is known as brand reputation management. There will be people who will talk good about you and also the people who write negatively about you.

People trust online reviews and testimonials before buying anything. Thus it is a necessity to manage the people who talk about you, to attract a new customer base.


For a big brand like Apple or Samsung, it is not a tough task to gain new customers. But for a growing organization or a small business, it takes a lot of time and patience to get new and a strong customer base.

There are a lot of ways to attract new customers, keep experimenting and you will top the game. And if I missed out on any point feel free to comment down below.

Sara Williams

Sara is a Content Writer at InviteReferrals. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.