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5 Best Referral Emails Example to Keep Customers Engaged.

In this blog, we will learn the importance of sending referral emails to customers. Before we begin let us know how emails impact the customers.

According to many studies, the customer who joins you through their friends via referrals is more likely to be your loyal customers. All the customers who have been referred retain more. But customers don’t retain till the end if you don’t nurture them well. 

Customers are your most significant support to take your business to success via reviews, recommendations, and referrals. But how do you ask them to recommend your services to their friends and family? Referral programs are the answer. Create amazing referral programs and let your customers share it further to get you more customers. But how to announce the referral campaign you just launched and keep your customers engaged?

The answer to this is Referral Emails. 

Send customized referral emails to your nurtured customers and keep them engaged throughout the referral program.

Whenever you launch any referral program, you should announce it loud. Let your advocates know about the campaign. The best way to advertise a referral program is to send out the emails to the customers. You should send emails to your advocates at every step of the campaign and at the right time.

Here is how you can send emails to your customers:

1. Invitation for the Campaign

You have just launched a referral campaign, but to make it a success you have to advertise it till it reaches out to your customers. You are creating a referral program for your customers and what is the use of it if it doesn’t reach out to your customers.

There are various ways by which you can ask your advocates to enroll in a referral campaign, but none works as emails do. People love to see personalized emails.

This is how you can send your customers’ emails:

Subject Line: Get crazy discounts (or any reward that matter) on every person you refer to.

Hi [name],

You deserve a reward for being with our brand and supporting us. Here is your unique code (Referral Link). Share it with your friends, and once they sign up, you will get rewarded.
Sign up (link), to the referral campaign and start referring your friends to get crazy discounts for the better shopping experience.
Good Luck! Get Set Go.

Thank You
Marketing Team
(Company’s name)

This below is an example of Swimply, a pool sharing community has launched a referral program. Swimply has invited its customers to enroll in a referral campaign via email. This email states about, what Swimply is and what is the reward they are offering in the campaign. Also, they have mentioned an attractive CTA with the referral link.

invitation email for referral program

2. Ask for Referrals

Bait your customers with rewards. The customers are your biggest support. Ask them to share your services with their friends. But never spam them; create a referral program that includes rewards that can attract the customers. When the customers see they are getting a benefit, they will definitely share the referral link with their friends and ask them to join your services or buy your products.

This is how you can send Referral program email:

Hi [CustomerNAME],

We are happy that you love our products and the services we deliver. Our comany is glad that you recently purchased (Product_Name). We are definite that you will like what you have bought.
Also, we are wondering if your friends would want it too. We want your friends to avail of the same benefits as you do.

This is why we have launched a referral campaign (Campaign_Link) so that you can refer-a-friend of your to avail 40% discount on your next purchase. Also, your friend would get 20% off on their first purchase.
We are excited about this campaign. Start referring (Referral_Link).

Thank You
Marketing Team

[Company’s Name]

As you can see in the example below, is Le Flair’s referral invite to their customers asking their customers to ask their friends to join the referral program with exciting rewards.

email referral to ask for recommendation

3. Emails to the Referees [Advocate’s Friend]

In between all the hustle of sending your advocates emails and asking them to join the referral program, do not forget to remind the referrers (referred customers) to send the emails. The customers who will be joining in via referral program are equally important as the existing ones as they come from a trusted source.

Tell the referred customers that they have been referred through their friends, and they are too eligible for the rewards if they join your company via a referral link.

Here is how you can write emails to the customers’ coming in from the referral link:

Hi [CustomerNAME],

We just got to know that your friend has referred us to you. We are a (brand’s description), and your friend has been using our services for a long time and loving it. Since you have been referred by your friend (name), we would love it if you sign up for us through this referral link (link), and you will be eligible for this wonderful offer.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our family.
Thank You
Marketing Team
[Company’s Name]

Here in the example below you can see the email sent by Tata Sky to the referred customers. They have mentioned all the rewards and offers that they will be offering. This will attract customers more which will lead to campaign success.

tata sky email

4. Say ‘NO’ to Delayed Emails

There might be some times when the customer has purchased a product and have given you positive feedback. This is the best time when you can send your customers the email by thanking them and asking them to refer the product to their friends. If delayed, the customer might forget about how good the product is and then, maybe not willing to recommend it to their friends.

Here is how you can write that email:

Hi [CustomerNAME],

We noticed that you have recently purchased [product purchased]. This is why we have launched a referral program exclusively for our best customers so that they can ask their friends to join our company through this unique code (referral_link) and get exciting offers as you do. When you will share the referral link and your friends will sign up to us, and then you will be getting exciting rewards on your next purchase.
You can also share the link via social platforms.

Still confused what to do? Here is the solution [provide link to referral instructions].
Also, everything is tracked so that you can get your [customized_reward].
Invite Your Friends Now!

Thank you,
Marketing Team
[Company’s Name]

Here is the best example of Le Flair’s referral campaign email, they have sent the email to their customers when they made a recent purchase. In the email, they have thanked their customers for buying the product also have asked them to share the referral link with their friends.

Thank you email

5. The Wrap-up Referral Email

You should keep your users engaged, this increases your brand value, and Referral Marketing is best to do so. Also remember never to hold the same reward running for very long, always keep the new rewards and offers coming in. Start a new referral program every 2-3 months. 

Whenever you stop any campaign, always update your customers with the information via referral emails

Here is how you can notify your customers by sending this email:


Thank you for being tremendous support. We hope you enjoyed the referral campaign and earned a lot of exciting offers and rewards.
We are closing the referral program for a while. Hey! Don’t get disheartened yet.

We will be back soon in a snap with more exciting offers.
Keep in touch.
Thank You
Marketing Team
[Company’s Name]

Here as you can see below is the example of StarQuick email to their referrals.

startquick email


I hope you liked the article and the referral email examples that I have mentioned in this blog. Feel free to implement these examples to send it to your customers and increase customers’ engagement.

Sara Williams

Sara is a Content Writer at InviteReferrals. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.