50+ Instagram Statistics & Trends you Need to Know in 2022

50+ Instagram Statistics & Trends you Need to Know in 2024

Instagram has now become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Due to its high monthly active users, marketers are trying to leverage it to spread the word out. Instagram plays a crucial role when it comes to influencer marketing as people follow the advice of the influencer and tend to make purchasing decisions. So, to make to understand its relevance, we have complied 50+ Instagram statistics and trends to help you out.

Some Compelling Instagram Statistics and Trends 

A) General Instagram statistics

  1. Around 1.4 billion people use Instagram. ( Statista)

  2. Instagram is the fifth most visited site worldwide.. ( Similarweb)

  3. There are more Instagram users in India than in any other country (Statista)

  4. There are 170 million Instagram users in the US ( Statista)

  5. 31.4% of Instagram users in the US are aged between 25 and 34
    ( Statista)

  6. Almost 58% of US Instagram users are female (Statista)

B) Instagram engagement statistics

  1. Post on Instagram Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and Fridays from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. (CST). (Sprout Social)

  2. Do you want more engagement? Encourage users to tag their friends! ( Mention)

  3. Instagram video posts will generate 2x more comments than image posts. ( Mention)

  4. The average Instagram post receives almost 15k likes and 285 comments ( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  5. Single image posts on Instagram generate more likes than permanent video posts (Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  6. The average Instagram post uses 10.7 hashtags ( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  7. Over half of all Instagram accounts have under 1,000 followers
    ( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  8. Cristiano Ronaldo was the most followed Instagram star in 2021
    ( Statista)

  9. #Love was the most used hashtag in 2020 ( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  10. #Tbt was the most engaging hashtag in 2020 ( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  11. Posts that tag a location generate 79% more engagement( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  12. Los Angeles, California, is the most tagged location in the world
    ( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  13. Longer captions generate better engagement rates ( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

C) Instagram marketing & business statistics

  1. Influencer marketing on Instagram grew by nearly 50% in 2019
    ( Social Media Today)

  2. 90% of Instagram users follow a business ( Instagram for Business)

  3. 81% of people say they use Instagram to research products and services ( Instagram for Business)

  4. 50% say they’re more interested in a brand when they see it featured in ads on Instagram ( Instagram for Business)

  5. 83% of people say Instagram helps them discover new products/services. ( Instagram for Business)

  6. Two-thirds of people say Instagram enables brand interaction
    ( Instagram for Business )

  7. Nano-influencers generate the best engagement rates( Hubspot Instagram engagement report)

  8. 29% of marketers report that Photo ads on Instagram were the most effective ad format on the platform( Statista)

D) Instagram Stories statistics

  1. Approximately 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily
    ( Statista)

  2. 58% of Instagram users watch personal Stories more than once a day
    ( Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report)

  3. 19% of users watch Instagram Stories in full( Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report)

  4. 44% of businesses have used Stories to promote products or services.
    ( Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report)

  5. 22% of Instagram users watch branded Stories more than once a week( Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report)

  6. 67% of users have swiped up on branded Stories ( Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report)

  7. 37% of users have interacted with a branded Story by liking, commenting, or sharing (Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report)

  8. The young (aged 13-17) continue to use Instagram nearly as much as Facebook and Snapchat. ( Hootsuite/We Are Social)

  9. Canadians love Instagram, the fastest-growing social media platform in Canada. (eMarketer)

  10. Gender use of Instagram is split nearly in half. ( Statista)

  11. Education is not necessarily a factor when it comes to Instagram demographics. ( Pew Research)

E) Instagram Usage statistics

  1. 40. 63% of Instagram users login to the app daily. ( Pew Research)

  2. Users will log an average of about 28 minutes per day on Instagram.
    ( eMarketer)

  3. Over 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one Business Profile per day. ( Instagram Business)

  4. Making purchases directly from Instagram is not unusual. ( Instagram Business)

  5. More than 50% of Instagram accounts use the Explore tab every month. ( Facebook Earnings Report)

  6. 14% of people still use Instagram as a source of news. ( Pew Research)

F) Instagram advertising statistics

  1. Instagram ads have the potential to reach 849.3 million users.
    ( Hootsuite)

  2. Influencers directly impact your Marketing Tactics, but they require a lot of money to help. ( eMarketer)

  3. Brand content helps people make better shopping decisions.
    ( Facebook)

  4. The average cost-per-click ad cost is between $0.70-$1.00 ( Hubspot)

  5. 38% of marketers take advantage of Instagram’s ad platform. ( Social Media Examiner)

  6. How users perceive your brand makes a difference. ( Facebook)

  7. Instagram ads have the power to convince people to take action.
    ( Facebook)

  8. 91% of luxury brands work with an influencer as part of their Instagram advertisement strategy. ( Digimind)

  9. Instagram ranks as the third social media platform marketers want to devote the most time and money. ( Databox)

Instagram Statistics Infographic

50+ Instagram Statistics & Trends you Need to Know in 2022 Infographic

Final thoughts

In this post, we have learned the top Instagram marketing statistics you need to know to expand your business. Although not always the top social media platform globally, Instagram has proved itself as a powerhouse that you should consider when it comes to your prepare your overall marketing plan.


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