62+ Important Advertising Statistics to Know in 2022

62+ Important Advertising Statistics to Know in 2024

With over half a trillion-dollar market size, the advertising industry is evolving with new trends, technologies, and strategies emerging daily. It is essential to stay up-to-date in this busy world, and getting acquainted with the most recent advertising statistics is great. We have compiled advertising statistics and trends you should know to offer you a better perspective.

Let’s have a look at the advertising statistics that we have classified.

Online Advertising Statistics

  • Google and Facebook have the largest US digital ad revenue share, with 28.6% and 23.8%, respectively. (Statista)
  • 70%-80% of users overlook sponsored search results. (Search Engine Land)
  • Videos are shared 1,200% over text and links combined. (Forbes)
  • 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business. (Bright Local)

  • Global digital ad spending is expected to exceed $645 billion by 2024. (Statista)
  • Three-quarters of marketers fail to use behavioural data for online ad targeting. (Adweek)
  • Small businesses that utilize Google Ads spend between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on PPC. (WebFx)

  • 84% of customers expect brands to create content. (Havas)

  • About 81% of all online shopping carts are abandoned. (SaleCycle)

  • 90% of searchers haven’t determined about a brand before starting their search. (Status Labs)

  • The total number of users with ad blockers worldwide grew to 763.51 million in 2019. (Statista)

  • Small businesses make an average of $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on Google Ads. (PowerTraffick)

TV Advertising Statistics

  • Investing in TV can improve advertising effectiveness by 40%. (Thinkbox)

  • TV advertising spending in the US is expected to reach $68.35 billion in 2022. (Statista)
  • The average adult in the US spends 5 hours and 24 minutes per day watching videos. (MarketingCharts)

  • In 2020, US teens watched 37% less traditional TV than three years ago, while millennials’ share dropped 23.4% in just one year. (MarketingCharts)

Mobile Advertising Statistics

  • Mobile searches for “best” have increased by 80% between 2015 and 2017. Think With Google)

  • Global mobile ad spending is projected to reach $413 billion by 2024. (Statista)

  • 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. (MakeaWebsiteHub)

  • 88% of customers who search for a local business on their mobile call or visit that business within a day. (Social Media Today)

  • In 2019, over two-thirds of the total US digital advertising budget was dedicated to mobile devices (Hollywood Reporter, Statista)
  • More adults own a mobile phone than a laptop or desktop. (Pew Research)

  • By 2021, mobile advertising spending will grow to $280 billion.(Statistica)
  • Search engines prioritize mobile websites and UX. (Search Engine Land)
  • Smartphone owners spend most of their time using apps. (In Mobi)
  • More than half of all mobile searches come from mobile phones in the US. (Oberlo)

YouTube Advertising Statistics

  • While people spend less time in front of a TV, they watch more YouTube than ever. (Think With Google)

  • 80% of shoppers who watch a YouTube video related to a purchase they intend to make do so at the start of the process. (Think With Google)

  • More than 60% of YouTube watch time comes from viewers on mobile devices. (Statista)

  • Paid YouTube mobile ads receive viewer attention 83% of the time. (Ipsos)

  • Since 2016, twice as many small and medium-sized businesses have started advertising on YouTube. (YouTube)

  • 89% of shoppers rely on YouTube creators’ product recommendations. (Think With Google)

Email Marketing Statistics

  • UK email marketers reported an average return on investment of 4,200% in 2020: For every dollar invested, the average return was $42. (Hubspot)
  • Around 33% of email marketers send emails weekly. (DataBox)

  • 99% of consumers check their email daily. (Optinmonster)

  • Adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300%, while interactive email content increases the rate of click-to-open by 73%. (MTA)

  • 49% of consumers say they want weekly promotional emails from their favourite brands. (Statista)

Advertising Statistics on Social Media

  • A third of the global population are social media users. ( Our World in Data)
  • Almost 50% of online shoppers research products and brands on social media. (GlobalWebIndex)
  • Social media ad spending is expected to grow by 8.7% next year. (Sprout Social)

  • Facebook remains the most popular social media channel. (Sprout Social)
  • Instagram is the number one platform for influencers. (Sprout Social)

Social Media Advertising Statistics

  • 4.62 billion people utilized social media in 2021, up 4.8% from the year before. That signifies that 62% of all people on the planet now use social networks. (DataReportal)

  • In 2020, 34% of digital consumers utilized social networks to research new brands or products. (Business 2 Community)

  • The average engagement rate of Instagram business account posts in 2021 was 0.83%. (HootSuite)

  • 90% of users follow at least one business on Instagram, while over 200 million people visit at least one business profile daily. (Hootsuite)

  • 71% of customers who reach out to customer service via social media expect a reply within five minutes. (Ambassador)

  • While 80% of businesses with an online presence think they deliver great customer service via their social media channels, only 8% of their customers agree. (Smart Insights)

  • In 2019, Facebook had more than 90 million pages for small and medium-sized businesses. (Meta)

  • Facebook-owned 24.5% of all digital video ad spending in 2018. (eMarketer)

  • The average engagement rate for Facebook video posts in 2020 was 6.09%. (Hootsuite)

  • Global social media advertising spending will account for 33% of all digital ad spending in 2022. (Hootsuite)

  • Social media marketing budgets are predicted to grow 11.76% annually by 2026, reaching $358 billion in 2026. (Statista)

  • 77% of Twitter users enjoy a brand more when it replies to their tweets. (Twitter)

Video Advertising Stats

  • 72% of people prefer accessing product info via video.(Social Media Today)

  • People watch over one billion hours of YouTube videos daily. (Social Media Today)

Email Advertising Statistics and Trends

  •  Email marketing offers a staggering return on investment of 3200%. (Oberlo)

  • SMEs acquire the majority of their customers via email advertising. (Oberlo)

  • Personalization increases open email rates. (Campaign Monitor)
  • Tuesday is the most suitable day to send marketing and advertising emails. (Hubspot)

Advertising Trends 

  • 31% of people searching for a business online find it through an ad. (Invesp CRO)
  • Social media and video content are the biggest current online marketing trends. (Lyfe Marketing)
  • Location-based marketing is a growing online advertising trend. (Social Media Today)
  • Voice searches will dominate the next five years. (Quora Creative)

Revenue and Market Share Stats

  • The digital marketing industry has seen an annual growth rate of 16.1% over the last 10 years. (IAB)

  • Google dominates with a huge search engine market share of over 92%. (GlobalStats)

Online advertising vs. traditional advertising statistics

  • In February 2021, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) said their advertising budgets grew by 14.3%. (Statista)
  • The average price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad tops $5 million. (Marketing Charts)
  • In 2020, businesses set aside 13% of their revenues for marketing. (Statista)


Despite dampening with the pandemic in 2020, the advertising industry is vibrant enough to adapt to changes and be a potent agent in the ‘new normal.’ Apart from financial stress, people’s tastes, preferences, and interests are also shifting rapidly. It is now more critical than ever for advertisers to equip themselves with the correct data from the most relevant advertising statistics and modify their strategies accordingly.


What percent of the company’s advertising budget is going toward online advertising?

In terms of cost, the majority of advertising is done online. In 2019, 50.1% of ad spend was headed toward digital advertising. This is expected to rise to 60.5% by 2023.

How much money is spent on advertising every year?

Over $563 billion are spent on advertising annually. With global ad spending expected to increase soon globally.

How many advertisements is a person exposed to in a day?

Advertising statistics indicate that the average American is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads daily. Of course, the more time you spend online, the more ads you’ll notice. 


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