29+ Authentic Branding Statistics You'll Know in 2022

29+ Authentic Branding Statistics You’ll Know in 2024

Your brand is your chance to tell a story to your customers.

Branding isn’t just about the logo you design, the font you use, or the products you sell but much more. It is the customer experience you provide, the philosophy you follow and the culture you follow. A brand is an emotion that a company transmits to customers: it is what makes your company unique.

And when it comes to online business, branding is no different. Have you ever visited a website and been confused? Maybe you’re not sure what they sell or what services they offer. Most companies go out of their way to explain what they do and how they do it. And no one wants to buy things they don’t understand.

Your brand strategy should guide how and what you communicate with your customers. As a business, you should try to personalize your brand. You have to consider the price level offered to your customers. Your brand can help differentiate your business from the competition. It can help you stand out and sell your unique personality.

But a brand is not built overnight. It will take a long time. And more often than we think, we need a little push in the right direction from our side. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to build a brand. Point your signal in the right direction.

Your brand defines your business and how people perceive it. And many things make your brand stand out. So if you’ve ever wanted to know why branding matters and what your customers think about it, we’ve got you covered. Let’s move on to 10 data trends you need to know in 2023.

In this blog, you will learn about various branding statistics that every marketer and entrepreneur must know. 

  • On average, it only takes 7 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand, but it takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to recognize your company’s logo. Use designs and colours that match your brand values. Create a website design that is easy to navigate and contains all the information you need about your brand. (Psychological Science)
  • First impressions are vital to developing loyalty; Nearly half of consumers are more likely to become brand loyal during their first purchase or experience. (Crowdspring)
  • According to Branding Statistics, 64% of consumers build brand loyalty through shared values. Your brand values ​​help build awareness and strengthen relationships with your audience. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Branding Statistics reveal that Branded content is more effective than pre-rolls (commercials before viewing selected content). 86% of viewers can remember a brand by seeing brand content instead of the usual pre-roll ad. (Nielsen)
  • Colours can help increase brand awareness by 80%. Stay consistent and use the same colours on all branded materials. (Touro Law)
  • Colour affects the strength of your brand. Colour is one of the first things our brain notices about a brand, so it’s often the first thing that draws us in. (Crowdspring)
  • Personalized content enhances brand positivity. 82% of consumers feel better about a brand after reading personalized content. Invest in creating quality content on an ongoing basis to build brand awareness, educate your audience, and share your brand values. (Demand Metric)
  • 73% of consumers prefer a personalized shopping experience. Personalization is the key to standing out. You can start by sending personalized emails or offering special offers. (Demand Metric)
  • A consistent presence across all platforms can increase revenue by 23%. Brand awareness is key to earning more. Your brand must send a consistent message across all platforms, from social media to product packaging. (Forbes)
  • 54% of consumers prefer to watch more video content from brands they trust. Videos get 1200% more shares than text and images. Take advantage of this by creating videos with short and engaging content. (Hubspot)
  • 92% of marketers say brand authenticity is vital to their brands. Being authentic is the key to differentiating your brand from the competition. (Stackla)
  • Brand equity is an integral part of your company’s brand strategy. To build valuable brand equity, companies must develop authentic relationships and trust with their target audience. (Crowdspring)
  • 95% of the top 100 brands only use one or two colours in their logos. Straightforward brand logo designs are ahead of the trends and can last long. (Marketo)
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies use combination logos, text, and illustrations. It’s easier for people to recognize your logo if it includes a brand name and icon that best represents your business. (Website Planet)
  • 60% of businesses use non-descriptive logos, and 40% use descriptive logos (literally indicating the type of product or service the business sells). (Crowdspring)
  • Branding statistics state that Consumers generally prefer descriptive logos. Descriptive logos reflect a more authentic brand and make it easier for consumers to remember descriptive logos and understand the brand’s product or service. (Crowdspring)
  • A descriptive logo (literally communicating the type of product or service a company sells) is more likely to increase brand effectiveness. (Crowdspring)
  • Customers fully connected to your brand are 52% more valuable than satisfied customers, while emotionally connected customers have 306% more lifetime value. (PR Newswire)
  • 82% of people trust a brand more when senior executives are active on social media. (Dave Kerpen)
  • Content marketing generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing strategies. Create actionable and valuable content that people can learn from. (Demand Metric)
  • Over 60% of marketers measure the success of a content marketing strategy by sales. (Hubspot)
  • Content marketers’ top three challenges are coming up with new ideas, creating content to generate leads, and creating content that garners a lot of attention. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Video is the number one content format that marketers will use in 2022. Many companies have used the large millennial and Gen Z-dominated TikTok platform and efficient algorithms to enter the market. If you love TikTok marketing, focus on creating exciting and engaging content for your audience. (Hubspot and Crowdspring)
  • 87% of marketers say that video has helped drive site traffic. (wyzowl)
  • 70% of people prefer to get information from blogs to traditional advertising. (Demand Metric)
  • Businesses with blogs generate 67% more monthly leads than businesses without blogs, and businesses have noticed. Blogs represent 434% more pages indexed in Google. (Demand Metric)
  • Virtual events showed the best results as a B2B marketing channel in 2021. And as people have adapted to their work-from-home environment, we expect that to continue or increase this year. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • B2B content assets, such as short articles under 3,000 words, were the third best performers in the last 12 months. Concise and actionable content is easier to digest. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 56% of marketers say blogging is effective, and 10% say it provides significant ROI. (Hubspot)
  • It is essential to offer your audience more than just products and services. 81% of marketers actively use content marketing. It speaks to the effectiveness of blogging in generating leads and increasing your brand engagement. (Hubspot)
  • Up to 70% of consumers say they feel closer to a brand through content marketing. You can strengthen your relationship with your customers by sharing your knowledge and experience on various topics as a brand. (Demand Metric)


Like anything else, branding is a massive investment in your company in terms of money and hard work. By reflecting on the above branding statistics, entrepreneurs and marketers can be more innovative when making critical decisions affecting their brand perception. 

Understanding consumers’ colour preferences or using social channels can help marketers increase the likelihood that their audience will interact on those channels.
We hope these ideas will help you start building your brand or inspire you to consider how you can update your existing brand. It’s always a good idea to create an everlasting impact! If you want branding for your brand and want to know more about it, have a look at our products.


Q1. How important is branding to companies?

Would you consider branding vital if you knew that 77% of marketers believe branding plays a critical role in future growth?

These marketers know the importance of creating a corporate brand with which customers or employees can identify. Corporate branding is critical to business growth.

Q2. Do brands with blogs get more exposure?

Like marketing any product or service, blogging improves exposure. Brands with an on-site blog get 67% more leads than those without a blog.

It pays to hire someone to write blog posts for your company’s website. Blogging encourages conversation, which encourages engagement, which in turn generates more leads.

Q3. What can building a solid brand do for a business?

LinkedIn sources reveal that a strong brand saves a company money. Companies with a strong employer brand consistently experience a 43% reduction in recruitment spending compared to companies with a weak employer brand.

A strong brand creates brand awareness and draws attention to customers. If you want to reap the benefits of customer retention, you need a strong brand. Strong brands get incredible feedback from their customers.

According to Branding Statistics, these are just some of the things that come with building a solid brand.



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