Email Subject Line Statistics

50+ Email Subject Line Statistics you Need to Know in 2024

Emails can keep your customers informed. Customers can quickly and easily check their email when it is convenient for them. But your customers will only open up a mail when its subject line captures their attention. In this competitive era, their inbox is flooded with a number of emails; therefore, to grab their eyeballs, it’s essential to have a catchy email subject line. Still not convinced? Don’t worry; we have prepared a list of 50+ email subject line statistics to make you understand their importance.

50 + Compelling Email Subject Line statistics

  1. 69% of email recipients mark emails as spam after reading the subject line. (Invesp)

  2. 93% of B2B marketers circulate content via email. (Content Marketing Institute)

  3. The average email open rate for B2Bs is 15.1 %. (DMA)

  4. A survey shows that 33.90% of recipients open an email because of the subject line. (SuperOffice)

  5. 31% or B2B marketers said that email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads. (Content Marketing Institute)

  6. The average bounce rate for B2B emails in 2020 was 1.2.% (Emfluence)

  7. 85% of B2B organizations make use of email marketing software to help them with content distribution. ( Content Marketing Institute)

  8. Research shows that 33% of email recipients open emails because of their catchy subject lines. (OptinMonster)

  9. A study reveals that 64% choose to open emails based on subject lines. (Barilliance)

  10. 47% of marketers do experiment with subject lines before finalizing their emails and sending them out. (HubSpot, 2019)

  11. Malicious emails have the word “invoice” in the subject field 13.2% of the time. (Statista)

  12. The term “mail” emerges in the subject line of 10.2% of potentially harmful emails. (Statista)

  13. The UK has the highest share of malicious spam, having “coronavirus” in the subject (20.8%). (Statista)

  14. Email subject line personalization is utilized by 34% of marketers in the US and the UK. (Adobe)

  15. 82% of marketers send emails whose subject lines do not surpass 60 characters. (Convince & Convert)

  16. Only 44% of eCommerce companies incorporate offers in email subject lines. (Tidio)

  17. Discount-based offers on subject lines hold a below-average performance at 38.31%. (Klaviyo)

  18. Emails with the recipient’s name on the subject line own an 18.30% open rate. (Invesp)

  19. Emails without names on the subject line only have a 15.70% open rate. (Invesp)

  20. Incorporating the word “Free” in the subject line was 10% more successful in being opened. (Invesp)

  21. Adding a sense of urgency and exclusivity in subject lines shows a 22% higher email open rate. (Invesp)

  22. According to a study, a business can witness a 50% increase in open rates of emails with personalized subject lines. (Marketing Dive)

  23. Interactive subject lines contain 70% higher conversion rates. (Jeff Bullas’s Blog)

  24. According to research, only 45% of abandoned cart emails are opened. (Moosend)

  25. As per the research, 10.7% of cart abandonment emails lead to recovery. (Annex Cloud)

  26. As per research, email subject lines that remind shoppers about items they still have not bought have a 48% open rate. (Klaviyo)

  27. Emails that remind shoppers about something they have left behind have a high revenue outcome per recipient at $11.21. (Klaviyo)

  28. A study shows that 26% of subject lines with personalization hold a higher chance of being opened.

  29. Shopping cart abandonment emails with compelling subject lines have 43.33% open rates. (Barilliance)

  30. Exclamation marks are attention catchers, and 29% of marketers use them in their subject lines for abandoned cart emails. (Retainful)

  31. The average number of characters in an email subject line is 43.85. (AWeber)

  32. The word “video” on the email subject line boosts the open rate by 19% and the click-through rate by 65%. Plus, it lowers unsubscribes by 26%. – (Syndacast)

  33. Only 6.9% out of 1000 subject lines contain emojis. – (AWeber)

  34. Incorporating videos in your email content can improve your click rates up to 300%. (Martech Advisor)

  35. Emails that end with “Thanks in advance” or similar variations obtained higher responses than other sign-offs. (Boomerang)

  36. In a survey of email signatures, 75% of them included contact information. 60% of people shared their phone numbers, and fewer had their social media profiles – Twitter (7%), Facebook (3%), and LinkedIn (2%). (MarTech)

  37. 56% of emails are opened on Apple’s iPhone (29%) and Gmail (27%). (Litmus)

  38. 42.3.% of consumers remove emails that are not optimized for mobile. (SaleCycle)

  39. In 2019, 41.9% of emails were opened on mobile clients. (Litmus)

  40. 60% of smartphone users have reached a business straight from search results. (Think with Google)

  41. Emails with “Newsletter” in their subject lines reduce their chances of opening by 18.7%. (Invesp)

  42. Adding the word “alert” in your newsletter’s subject line boosts open rates by 61.8%. (OptinMonster)

  43. Beware of “you” in subject lines to lower open rates by 5%. (OptinMonster)

  44. “Request” is the most often used term in BEC email subject lines. So that is a word legitimate organizations must avoid in newsletters or marketing emails. (Agari)

  45. Singapore has the lowest newsletter open rates at 11.89%. (Get a Newsletter)

  46. The average open rate for newsletters across all industries is 21.33%. (Backlinko)

  47. 47 out of 100 hiring managers overlook emails with spam-like, generic, or anticlimactic subject lines. (CareerAddict)

  48. Germany has the highest open rate for newsletters at 40.67%. (Get a Newsletter)

  49. Adding the recipient’s name in the subject line may up the chances of the hiring manager opening your email by 20%. (Marketing Dive)

  50. Subject lines with 6 to 10 words have a 21% open rate, which is the highest. (SuperOffice)

  51. Subject lines with the first word capitalized have a 16.7% open rate. (Inntopia)

  52. In Italy, newsletters with 10 to 20 words have open rates of 35.5%. It restates the observation that the fewer words, the better. (Newsletter2Go)

There are some of the effective and compelling email subject line statistics you must consider.

Wrap up

After reading this post on email subject line statistics, you may have understood how important a subject line is. The subject line is the primary thing your customers will see, so make sure that you put effort into making it compelling as much as you can. 


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