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Customer Referral Program Ideas – may the Best Army be Yours

Referral programs are a solution to everything in the business. Want to know how? In this article, I will give some awesome customer Referral Program Ideas, that you can implement to your business.

You being a brand all that you want is to keep your client satisfied. You’ve got a mass of customers, but you are not achieving heights as you aimed for! And then the question arises to you that,

Why do they keep leaving you?
Are they bored with your plain old site?

Why your clients not happy enough with you?

You are spending a lot of advertisements and campaigns, yet the dry spell remains the same! But what you are missing out on is, advertising it is not everything. You need to change a few things, strategize a bit more and learn about Referral Programs.

“Your client is your biggest critic.”

Reward your customers and create trust.

Referral Program Campaigns

According to some researches the companies who give referrals to their customers earn more acquisition than the others. Referral promotions work in a two-way process; You offer referrals to your clients that if they share it, they will receive a reward, then they will refer it to a friend who then will give you a conversion.

People influence people. The client earned by referral is more valuable and trust you more. The leads made from referrals are not just a standard lead; They are your niche customers who buy from you more and are loyal.

“By referrals, you can earn more than you think.”

In this guide, I’ll be discussing all the customer referral program ideas, by which you can squeeze in more value from your existing customers.

How to integrate an effective referral program?

1. Design it right

Customer Referral Program Ideas

Always keep the heading bold and simple so that your customers understand it better. Write catchy lines, because the first impression makes it the last. Because design and line will be the first interaction with the customer makes them click it! Use beautiful images.

Here are a few examples of what lines can attract the customers best:

  • Refer and earn a $10
  •   Invite and win a free spa coupon
  •   This is how we say thanks to our precious.
  •   Help us for a cause

2. Mark the dates

Referral Program Ideas

Many festivals and holidays all around the year, so why not make the most out of them. You can do the best promotional activities during the celebrations. The best example of a referral program during holidays is:

During Christmas, you can start a- ‘Tis the season campaign.

During Valentine’s Day, you can go for- “Spread the love.”

It’s your business’ anniversary? – “1st anniversary Cash Back offers”

Also, you can make your own with no reason festival, because you love your customers’. Right?

3. Make FAQs say everything.

Customer Referral campaign ideas

Don’t put too much in the referral page. Too many things to read or filling a long-form can turn a customer off, and they might not use the referral.

Keep it short and let all the queries of your clients get clear out by FAQ. For instance, there might be several terms and conditions or steps that are involved explain them all in the FAQ section of the referral page of for the site.

4. Make it visible

referral program ideas

Don’t let it hide in a corner where no one can see it. Make it visible or use it as a banner so that your customers know that you are giving out referrals.

These were some examples of simple and beautiful integration of referral programs. Now how to know what works best for you. Different businesses need different integrations and referral programs. When you use customer-specific incentives, it will urge them to share it more.

What to offer, your customers?

These are some of the best customer referral programs that can earn you, clients:

1. Give them higher rewards in their first referrals.

A higher discount on first referrals somehow makes them share the link more. Your customer should earn 20% more than the others in their first referrals. Suppose you are offering a $10 on every referral make the first-timers earn up to $15. The high incentive encourages them to share more.

Once they get a referral they might share more in the future and get you more conversions.

2. Reward your best referrers with unique benefits.

There are many clients refers more if you reward them with unique gifts. Each time they share the link make them go a point up. Maintain a monthly leader board for such customers so that the top rankers earn a special reward from you.

3. Aim for the critics

The customers made from referral programs are the best. They have a trust on you as they were referred by the people who they trust. This is the most loyal acquisition you can get. Many studies have shown that a customer who refers the most earns 15% more profit than the other customers, and so do you. They are the niche leads, keep them as a family.

4. Do it for a cause

Make a referral campaign for a social cause. Tell them you donate on their behalf. People love to do social services. And you should do it too. Helping someone in need is the best deed.

Suppose there is a recent natural calamity start a campaign to help those and ask your clients to share the referral, as each referral will make up to $20.


In this article, I have covered a lot of ideas that you can pick up from and implement in your referral program. You will definitely start getting positive sales.

I hope you liked the article. If you have got any doubts regarding customer referral program ideas, comment down below, I’ll be happy to help you.

Sara Williams

Sara is a Content Writer at InviteReferrals. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.