Referral program Templates

Referral Program Templates – a layout for greater conversions.

Almost every referral program templates are similar in many ways. The imagery, message, and rewards m referral programs ay be different, yet all have the same goal, to create a fantastic referral program for their clients. Before directly jumping onto the referral program template, let me ask you some simple questions. Keep reading if your answer is ‘yes’ to every question.


Want to up your game in the business?

Start rewarding your customers and the best way to reward your customer in this online world is starting a referral program. It is a two-way gratification process, as it benefits your client as well as is an excellent procurement for you too.

Want to know what your client wants?

Learn to know how to target the right audience. Different businesses have their kind of customers. You should perform various surveys and learn statistics to understand their requirements. Once you know what they need, all you have to do is create an awesome referral program template.

There are a lot of things you should take into consideration to create a referral program. In this article, I’ll be showing you many referral program templates that you can use to create one.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Let us now begin with different referral program templates used in various platforms.

Referral headline templates

Master the headline

A headline makes the first impression. It comes in different font sizes, styles, and colors. A headline is very much important because not many can learn from, what picture says. The headline is the catchphrase for any referral program, a customer will first see the headline, and if they find it appealing enough, they will show interest in it.

Now I will show you some examples of headlines which you can use in your referral program.

Headline Templates:

  • Want to earn a $10. Refer-a-friend.
  • Get free (item). Again and again.
  • Earn a $10 on every sign-up.
  • Want to ride for free? Share (code).
  • Pass it on!
  • Care for your friends? Invite them and they’ll get a 30% off.
  • Spread the love; give them a $30 voucher.
  • This is how we say thanks. Share and get a 10% off on every purchase.
  • Girls’ day out. Share (code) and get a free spa.
  • Enroll and earn $10 on every referral you share.

# Some tips to Remember:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Be on point.
  3. Offer a benefit in the headline.
  4. Make it fun, use catch-phrase.
  5. Highlight your rewards.

Send personalized emails

In a referral program, there are two people in the act. One, your existing subscriber and the subscriber’s friend the referee, and both are equally important to you. So you need to take care of both of them. Send them e-mails; it gives a sense of personalization. You have to make sure that you are sending them what they like.

refeferral program

Here are some e-mail references for you.

E-mail Templates

* Bulk invitations:

There are many ways you can send in the emails, here is a way where you can send the emails to amass. These mails are the announcements for the first times. First referrals, a new product launch, a new sale or anything that you want everyone to know! In this way, you can make people subscribe even before the product launch.

 Here is an example:

 “It’s good news! We are thrilled to tell you that that soon we will be launching a new model of our product and you can get it on a half rate. Just enroll in our referral program, and you can get $20 on every referral you share. Sign up now for more details.”


* A ‘Thank You’ email:

You need to maintain a positive relationship with your customer. You need to appreciate them for their efforts. Thank them if they share the referral or sign up don’t let them feel ignored, you should know how to value your customer.

Show your appreciation by sending them a reward with a thank you email.

email referral program

Here is an example:

“We are lucky working with you. We thank you that you shared our referral. I appreciate your vote and love for us. We will be working on many such projects in the coming years, keep loving us. I want to thank you by sending this voucher of $50, for your next purchase. We will look forward to talking again.”


* An email with the invoice:

This is the best time to send your customer an email asking them to share referral code, attaching their order receipt along with it. A receipt is something that no customer will ignore and will see review their order. This will be the best time to attach a referral code. Ask them to share it with their friends and family to get extra rewards for the next shopping.

email template

Here is an example:

“We are sure that you’ll love what you’ve ordered. Want to buy some more amazing products and get a fantastic discount with it. Sounds great right? Share this (code) with your friends and get an off on your next purchase. Thanks.”


* A special reminder:

You should have an email ready for such people who haven’t visited you since a while. Send them emails asking them to earn a reward on each referral. By this, you might be able to get their attention. These are your trusted clients, and they will get back to you.

Here is an example:

“Hey! We haven’t seen you in a while. Hope you are doing fine. We want you to know that we have launched a new referral program in which you can earn a great deal, a soon as you will share our referral code (code). Wish to get in touch with you soon thank you.”

reminder email template


# Some tips to remember:

  1. Explain, why you contacted them
  2. Add images, make it attractive.
  3. Explain the benefits well.
  4. Make a beautiful CTA for Sign-up, so that they couldn’t resist clicking it.

Social media referrals :

This is a platform where you can reach the mass. Except a few all have their accounts in social media. Thus there is no better way to get referrals.

People spend half of their day, tweeting and sharing; ask them to share the referral with their friends on social media. Once your referral program gets to the social platform, then you’ll earn more than you can think.

Here are some wondrous examples of the referrals shared by some companies and people on social media to get benefits:

Social Media Templates:


social media template

“Here is a sample image of Henry Dentist’s referral program, as you can see; they have kept their message short and precise. One can easily get to know that they are giving Amazon’s $20 gift card on every referral share. In this, they have also added a beautiful picture that may attract a user to share it and also get their dental appointment done.”


“Also make your user share the referrals in the social media platform whenever they visit your page. Make sure you keep the links of social media pages in the referral section of your page so that it becomes easier for them to share it online.”


“Whenever a user shares the referral programs online, it will be displayed like this. When they share it, their friends will definitely want to know what is it, which makes them click it and even subscribe to it.”



social media referral program template

“Here is an amazing example of Google’s referral program. They are giving out cashback on every signup and share they get on G Suite. Cashback referrals are too great ideas to look out for.”


Some tips to remember:

  1. Describe the program in short and catchy words.
  2. Use beautiful imagery
  3. Use hashtags as they get a good follow.
  4. Keep social media links on your web page to make people share it.

Referrals on the Landing page:

It is much necessary to keep referral program links on your landing page, as it will be the one people will follow first. Make banners, as any client visits your page let them know you are doing a referral program. Provide good benefits and products that they like.

I’ll show you some top referral programs which are ruling the market. By these referral program templates, you’ll know how they have used the good images and used good headlines along with the exceptional benefits.

There are many in the market which can make you stand out. Visit InviteReferrals to know more.

But before that you should always remember to:

  1. Be descriptive; let people know your program.
  2. Use CTA’s that attracts people.
  3. Use good imagery and headlines.
  4. Keep a FAQ page, to clear their queries.
  5. Create banners, so that the referrals are the first thing they see when they visit you.

1. HealthKart

“They have made a simple yet very interactive referral program, a client just needs to fill in their name and mobile number and can get the benefit. The program is self-explanatory; a user would not find any hassle to use it.”

Healthkart referral program template

2. Tata sky

“Imagery plays a big role and so does headline. Tata sky’s referral program is very easy to use. Also, they are offering a great deal on every referral share which is sure to make customers attract.”

Tata sky referral program template

3. Nykaa

“Nykaa is a big brand for ladies and you can easily make this out as it can be seen in the picture. They are asking you to refer the benefit with your girlfriends to get a good amount of cashback. Also sharing asking your clients to share program on the social platform is a great benefit.”

Nakyaa referral program template
Nakyaa referral program template


“The tactic Lenskart is using is very unique yet smart. They’ve mentioned in their referral program that one can earn up to a lakh in cash. Also, they have explained it with an example so that nobody left in any doubt.”

lenskart referral template

5. Edelweiss

“They too are very clear with the message to refer. They haven’t used any deciphered message that can confuse people. Also, terms and conditions are important to mention so that, everyone knows\ what they are getting themselves into. ”

Edelweiss referral program example

6. Swimply

“Creating a banner is an intelligent idea. As when anyone will visit your webpage, it will pop up on the screen and learn about the awesome rewards they will earn while signing up to you.”

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Swimply referral program template


The top-notch referral program in the market is of Dropbox. Hear from the masters themselves, that how creating a referral program has increased their sales. Read the strategy of their referral program.

Hope you liked our article on referral program templates, and it was informative enough. Feel free to choose from the templates and make an outstanding referral program. If you have any doubts or if I missed out on anything, comment down below. I’ll be happy to help.

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