Titan Referral Program: Optimizing Referral Experience

Titan is an Indian luxury products brand that mainly manufactures accessories, watches, and eyewear. It was founded in 1984; Titan has changed the way customers shop accessories and watches online. 

Titan’s Objective

Titan’s Objective

Before starting with InviteReferrals, Titan launched a referral program, but it wasn’t precisely driven, effectively promoted, or optimized for rewards. Instead, they wanted to use their powerful word-of-mouth promotion to its maximum potential. Because they felt that their customers would like a comprehensive choice of bonus options, the original program rewarded customers with discounts and reward options from third-party retailers.



The primary challenge for Titan was to find the right rewards to let their customers engage with their referral program. As a retailer of high-priced items that are bought relatively infrequently, Titan had to consider several things while designing a referral incentive:

  1. Offering various reward options (like gift cards) so that customers could decide what works for them
  2. Incorporating an in-store reward option (like a discount) to let customers coming back for products like anniversary gifts
  3. Trying out different reward options to see the best possible solution.



Titan surveyed their brand ambassadors to discover their favorite online retailers. Based on the information gathered, they offered a coupon worth Rs 500.

InviteReferrals launched Titan’s new optimized referral campaign, along with A/B testing for every stage of the referral funnel. Titan achieved outstanding results after analyzing the campaign’s performance and making adjustments.

InviteReferrals enhanced the referral experience by offering customers rewards and signup options. In addition, the referral program’s gamification features incorporated a widget that tracked the customer’s purchase progress on mobile. In contrast to the standard layout, the progress tracker encouraged customers to share 15% more often, leading to 30% more purchases!

Once a referred friend came to claim their coupon reward, they were presented with a landing page. As a result, Titan also witnessed 62% more site visits from these referred friends.


InviteReferrals referral program lets Titan leverage already-occurring offline behavior by driving it online to be tracked and expanded. Now, people talking about their products are funneled into the referral program.

A referral program is cost-effective, and it’s an even more impactful strategy as referrals are coming to us through friends.

Apart from rewards optimization and referral gamification, the program’s advocacy rate has reached 15%, which surpasses their benchmark. As a result, the program’s ROI has now reached 50x.


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