neo earth referral program

Neon Earth Referral Program: Tier-Based Customer Rewarding System

Neon Earth is a company that is all about creating amazing products with designs everyone craves. Their business is about customizing each and everything around us, be it cushion covers, coffee mugs, custom gifts, or decor.

Neon Earth already had a strong community. But they needed to make a space to reward their customers for their loyalty to the brand.

So how did Neon Earth use its referral program to connect with customers and expand their community?

Strategy 1: Don’t act like a stranger

Don’t act like a stranger

Neon earth is a personalized and customized gifting company since people love to personalize everyday things. They understand that customization and quality is the best way to strengthen your bond with your customers and grow your community. Moreover, they recognized that their shoppers wanted to connect with the products and designs, so they geared their referral program to reflect them. 

Strategy 2: Give a little bit!

Give a little bit!

Shoppers love a value exchange from a brand before becoming active community members. So, they want to make sure they get something for their loyalty. 

To better reward their shoppers, Neon Earth added tiers to their program. Here, members with a higher lifetime value earn more exclusive perks as a thank you for being long-term members. Here’s the deal.

  •  You get 15% off for 1 referral.
  • You get 30% off for 3 referrals.
  • You get 50% off for 10 referrals
  • You get 100% of free stuff for 20 referrals
  • you get a bonus gift for 30+ referrals. 

and for all the deals, your friends get 15% off.

Neon Earth has realized where they can offer value and improve the customer experience.

35% of consumers expressed that loyalty perks or rewards encourage them to try new brands. And, 77% of digital natives are like to pay a premium to partake in a referral program if they are rewarded with valuable perks like discounts. It is obvious that exclusive perks, and referral programs, make shoppers feel like a crucial part of the brand rather than just a shopper on the periphery. A single month after Neon Earth introduced their program, it improved customer spending by 25% from referrals program members.

Strategy 3: Leveraging social media

Leveraging social media

Today, customers spend a lot of time on social media. That’s why customers, wherever they are present, can still become passive members without purchasing. They can help brands by liking and engaging with the brand’s social content. They can also converse with other customers in these community-focused spaces and create organic rapport with your brand. Also, brands can make use of UGC to better connect with customers. And helps you spread awareness for the referral program and brands.

Neon Earth wanted to leverage its community base so they launched a referral program with InviteReferrals. InviteReferrals strategized a tier-based referral program and helped them enhance their customer experience.


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