Referral program statistics and average numbers

Referral program statistics can give you great insights into how your campaign is performing. Below we list the average numbers associated with any referral campaign based on many brands using InviteReferrals. These numbers may vary greatly from case to case depending on the promotion type and content shared.

Customers Referring friends (5%)

30% of satisfied customers are generally willing to refer products and services. But only 5% customers on an average actually do. For example, if you have 100 visitors on your site then 5 out of them will actually refer.

Invites sent per Referrer (~100-200)


On an average 100-200 invites are sent by a referral program participant. It means each of the 5 participants above would refer atleast 100-200 friends. This gives a reach of 1000 invites or ~10X reach. Invitereferrals has optimized the user experience to drive maximum referrals.

For most cases, following is the percentage distribution of the invites sent through different referral channels. The effectiveness of each channel may vary depending upon the product. For FMCG product facebook might be most effective and for B2b linkedin.
  • Facebook : 75-80%
  • Email Invites : 15-20%
  • Twitter, linkedin, google+ : 1-2%

Click through rate (5%)


About 2-5% of Invitations sent are actually accepted which gives ~(20-50)% increase in new visits to your site. Co-relation between impressions and click rate is a good analogy to understand the relation between invites sent and accepted under referral program statistics.

Conversion Rate (2-3%) :


The number of referral visitors actually completing the goal/sale is directly proportional to the site conversion rate. For example, if the site conversion rate is 4% and there are 50 new referral visits then on an average 2 people will complete the goal.

Referral Program Statistics Overview :

If you have 1000 daily unique visits,
50 would invite 200 each (Reach of 10X) = 10000 invites sent
5% CTR  gives 500 (50%)new visitors to your site.
4% site conversion rate would  give 20 sales or 2% increase in sales numbers.
You can read more about key referral program performance metrics and how to increase referral program performance. Highlighting again that these referral program statistics may vary greatly depending on the product promoted.

 Referral program Statistics

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