Why is InviteReferrals best referral program software?

InviteReferrals referral program software is the simplest tool to design and launch customer referral campaigns. In this article, you will learn why InviteReferrals is best referral program software and why not to develop inhouse referral program.

InviteReferrals Vs Other Referral Program Software

  • Multiple Campaigns You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously or create a new campaign every month to keep your customers engaged. Example,Campaign 1: Run “Goal Based Campaign” for your whole site where you can ask your customers to bring 3 referral customers and get 50% discount coupon.

    Campaign 2: Run “Instant Reward Campaign” on your category pages where you can ask your customers to invite their 100 friends and unlock the 20% discount voucher for that product category. You can create different campaigns for different category pages.


  • One Time Integration – Set up in minutes. You just need to put a small javascript code in the footer of your website (just like google analytics) and you never need to change it again. Everything including campaign editing and launch of new campaigns can be managed from InviteReferrals admin console.
  • Cross Platform (Mobile/desktop) – Referral program powered by InviteReferrals automatically adapts to mobile devices and seamlessly works across desktops and smartphone devices.
  • Facebook Timeline Application – Referral campaign can be launched as facebook timeline application in minutes using InviteReferrals referral program software. Covering all customer interaction channels including website, facebook fan page and mobile.
  • Up to date technology – InviteReferrals referral program software is used by hundreds of brands across the world. We keep pace with the latest trends and social media developments to optimize the customer referral campaigns. So that you just focus on conceptualizing the campaigns.
  • Strong Anti Spam System – InviteReferrals has a strong built in anti-spam system. For example, no participant can spam his friends with multiple invites. Any one can unsubscribe from receiving the campaign invites. This would ensure the best user experience for your customers.

  • In Depth Analytics – We provide complete analytics : invites sent, site visits, conversions etc. You can study patterns through charts or export them. A customer referral profile is created for each participant and you can identify and gratify the most influential referrers.
  • Great Support – We mostly reply to all the queries within 24 hours. Our resource center and tutorials are updated regularly.
  • Multiple Referral Options – There are multiple customer referral options including facebook, email, twitter, google+, linkedin, and chat to drive maximum customer referrals.
  • Flexible reward system – You have option to upload your coupons into InviteReferrals system. Issue coupons as soon as referral happens or on manual approval post verification.
  • Multiple Language  Support – InviteReferrals referral program software supports 18+ languages.
  • Low cost, Risk Free 15 days trial

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Aman Gupta

Co-founder, The product guy at inviteReferrals. Ensures that the best industry practices are built right into your customer referral program.