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Referral Code based referral tracking system

Referral code based referral tracking is now available with inviteReferrals. Referral code based tracking is essential where ever cookie based tracking does not work. Following are few such use cases

1. Offline businesses that take payments offline

2. Telesales over phone

3. Registrations for mobile applications etc

Referral code activation

Below we list the step by step process to activate “referral code” in the customer referral program

1. Referral options

Go to ‘My campaign’ -> ‘Edit campaign’ -> ‘Customize Widget’. Under ‘configure referral options’ select “referrer code” checkbox and click on update. This will activate “Share referral code” option in referral popup.

Include Referrer Code - InviteReferrals
Configure Referral Options

2. Landing Page Notification

Go to ‘My campaign’ -> ‘Edit campaign’ -> ‘Customize Widget’ -> ‘Landing Page Notification’ tab. Include the “{referrer code}” tag as shown below. This will show the referral code to the referee if he visits your through his friend’s referral link.

Include Referrer Code - InviteReferrals
Landing Page Notification

3. Facebook and Twitter invite

Go to ‘My campaign’ -> ‘Edit campaign’ ->  ‘Customize Invite Text’ section and include the “{referrer code}” tag as shown below. Update changes.

Include Referrer Code - InviteReferrals
Facebook Share
Include Referrer Code - InviteReferrals
Twitter Share

4. Enrollment mail and Invite Friends mail

Go to ‘My campaign’ -> ‘Edit campaign’ ->  ‘Customize Invite Text’ section and include the “{referrer code}” tag as shown below. Update changes. This will include the referral code in the email templates as well.

Include Referrer Code - InviteReferrals
Enrollment Mail
Include Referrer Code - InviteReferrals
Invite Friends Mail

Track Conversions

1. Submit in admin console

Go to admin (sidebar panel) -> ‘Conversions’ -> ‘Add conversions’ section. Fill up the available referee and conversion details in the form and submit. The InviteReferrals system will automatically identify the referrer from the referral code and gratify him. This method is the simplest way to track conversions using referral code.

Include Referrer Code - InviteReferrals
Manually Track Conversions

2. Conversion API

You can directly integrate the referral code based conversion tracking in your application using the “Conversion API“. It will return response whether the referral was valid. The documentation page explains the api and integration in detail. You just need to collect the referral code from user through some form and pass it into the api at backend.

3. Pass the referral code in Javascript widget

You can also pass the referrer code in InviteReferrals javascript widget under ‘referrerCode‘ parameter. Please ensure that the conversion page is configured correctly for this method to work. Read here for detail.

Please feel free to write to us if you face any issues while activating the Referral code based conversion tracking.

Aman Gupta

Co-founder, The product guy at inviteReferrals. Ensures that the best industry practices are built right into your customer referral program.