how to be a brand Ambassador

How to be a Brand Ambassador in 2024

Nowadays, businesses employ brand ambassadors to improve their brand awareness and boost sales. You may be the right fit for this position if you enjoy reaching out to and communicating with your community. In addition, if you are seeking a job that enables a flexible schedule or work from home, becoming a brand ambassador may be a fulfilling career path for you. Today, in this article, we see what a brand ambassador does, its relevance, and how to be a brand ambassador.

So, first thing first. So, let’s move forward and look at them.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador, also recognized as a corporate ambassador or influencer, is a specialist who raises awareness of a brand by publicly representing the company and its products or services. In addition, brand ambassadors serve as spokespeople, influencing a community to purchase a company’s product or service. While celebrities were once the chief public brand ambassadors, it is feasible for almost anyone to become an influencer and earn money doing so.

Brand ambassadors can do various tasks, ranging from executing marketing campaigns to posting about a product on social media or attending a trade fair as a business representative.


Online vs. in-person Brand Ambassador

Online vs. in-person Brand Ambassador

There are two main types of brand ambassadors: online and in-person brand ambassadors.

Online brand ambassadors usually work through social media and online to improve awareness about a company. Everyday tasks of an online brand ambassador involve:

  • Writing reviews on customer review sites
  • Posting about a product on your social media platforms
  • Inviting friends to events via social media sites
  • Posting on online message boards or chat groups
  • Reviewing a product or service on your blog

An in-person brand ambassador may serve at a huge gathering like a conference or marketing event, or they can raise awareness of a company via conversation. Tasks of an in-person brand ambassador usually involve:

  • Sharing marketing materials like stickers or posters created using a poster maker
  • Carrying branded uniforms or clothing items, such as t-shirts or hats
  • Giving samples or product demos in stores or shopping malls
  • Setting up and running tables at conferences or other events

Now, you must be wondering what makes brand ambassadors so important.

What Makes Brand Ambassadors So Important?

Brand awareness, which involves brand promotion and image building, can be both the hardest and easiest it has ever been.

How is the most challenging part of overcoming TV advertising is that it becomes boring and predictable? TV viewers most usually react to commercials by changing the channel when they hear a commercial break coming. The result is time, money, and resources wasted.

What’s more, brands that simply positively present themselves aren’t trusted.

According to the DMI, 74% of people believe social networks guide buying decisions. Herein lies the potential of the brand ambassador. If the audience recognizes that a person promoting the brand is not being paid, they will likely trust them. As a result, authenticity and security are rising the ranks in the most critical factors determining whether the recommendation impacts someone. 

 We live at a time when the internet is generating tremendous opportunities for marketers. We own websites, social media fan pages, and profiles where they can check us out and communicate with us.

Brand ambassadors prompt people to try new products and create an image of your brand on a micro-or-macro scale. So ask yourself, how likely is it that an audience would consider a company advertisement over a regular person who supports it without prompting?

This kind of word-of-mouth marketing works excellently – it gives us credit, represents satisfaction and gratitude, and urges others to try or benefit from our product experience. But keep in mind that it’s not easy for brands to find loyal brand ambassadors. That means if you have a relevant audience, you can be very valuable to them.


How to Be a Brand Ambassador


Follow the below steps to understand how to be a brand ambassador.

1. Discover compatible brands

Start by examining the companies you are considering. Companies look for influencers who closely meet their values, personality, and brand. For instance, a travel agency may be looking for a friendly ambassador who enjoys traveling, has great travel experience, and has some photography skills. Next, look through a company’s social media posts and research their current influencers to understand what they see in a brand ambassador. There are multiple cases when reputable trekking companies focus exclusively on experienced trekking professionals. In the case of the Bookatrekking company, you can meet a lot of authority trekking ambassadors who can provide you with all the details related to every destination based on your skills, preferences, and worldview. For example, if you reach out to them being an amateur hiker and express your idea of visiting a short, accessible, and doable route for most hikers in Italy, the Palaronda Trek might be recommended to you by the brand ambassador.

Look for brands that symbolize your interests or relate to content that you already offer. If you already publicly support a company or brand, it may simplify becoming an official ambassador for them. Being an engaged follower can also increase your chances when you are applying to a company. First, create a list of companies you are involved in, and narrow it down to the top three or four.

2. Get your audience involved.

Get your audience involved

Encourage your followers or people you meet to share their own experiences, ask questions or post comments, and reply to as many as you can. You can even host in-person meet-ups in a public place like a cafe or shopping mall to communicate with your followers in person. An interactive, individual touch will draw in more followers and make your existing followers more likely to engage with your social media profiles positively.

3. Build engagement

Build engagement

Earning likes and comments on your social media posts—which boosts engagement and lets you develop a good reputation in your community—is an excellent way to advertise yourself to organizations as a potential brand ambassador. On social media, this means getting a following by writing engaging posts and posting exciting photos. Holding likes and comments from many followers on social media will make you more winning to potential brands.

To grow your following, consider also commenting on well-known pages or blogs. In addition, replying to the messages and comments you receive on your profile is another good way to enhance your online following.

4. Create a following

Establish the largest following you probably can. Boost your number of subscribers and followers on social media. Even if you are an in-person brand agent, you can show that you will be attending certain events, invite friends, and build an online following to complement your in-person activities. Make connections with other influencers to boost your following. The more followers you have who engage with the brand, the more money you will get as a brand ambassador. 

5. Create a cohesive online personality

Create a cohesive online personality

Several brand ambassadors have clear and well-defined personalities that they show online. Design social media content that reflects a cohesive tone, look and set of interests. This could include styling your wardrobe in a specific way or taking photos that reflect a unified look or a specific interest, such as a love for travel or a particular genre of music. Companies will be looking for brand ambassadors who show a certain vibe to represent them.

6. Contact relevant brands

Once you have recognized the kind of brands you would like to support, start reaching out to businesses you are interested in promoting. Reaching brands will assist you in learning whether they are engaging and what representation they may be looking for. For example, you could send a message to one of the company’s social media accounts asking about the possibility of representing them. Then, if they are involved, they may message you back with details.

For in-person opportunities, research events happening in your area. 

For instance, consumer technology companies, clothing designers, and alcohol distilleries usually hold in-person marketing events. Approach a brand’s representatives at one of these events.

7. Continually look for brand ambassador opportunities.

While some organizations use an informal process to recruit brand ambassadors online, others might do so through a regular job posting and official online application. Visit the company’s website and check its career page to see if it has a brand ambassador position, or check online job boards for possible postings. To determine appropriate compensation, consider using an influencer price calculator tool.

If you enjoy interacting with a community, creating a following, and presenting your brand loyalty, being a brand ambassador could be a great path for you. Start by working in your free time, after work or on weekends. Then, if you make up enough of a following, you may be a brand ambassador full-time. 


After reading this post, you may get an idea of how to be a brand ambassador in 2022. Following the above-mentioned steps help you build your identity as an influencer and that will further open up new opportunities of becoming a brand ambassador.

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1. Who is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person who is employed by an organization to represent a brand positively that further leads to brand awareness and improved sales.

2. How to be a brand ambassador?

Here are a few ways that will help you become one
1. Create a following
2. Contact relevant brands
3. Build engagement
4. Get your audience involved
5. Find out compatible brands


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