Refer a friend referral program

Refer-a-Friend Campaign Ideas

True friends are valuable and trustworthy. They believe in helping their friends. A company should consider starting a refer a friend program to target such friendships and incentify them.

The most effective way to get leads is through referral programs. 90% of the people have agreed to that; they prefer the products which are suggested by their friends or family. Word of mouth is standing up high in the market; it has proven to be one of the best for getting excellent and trustworthy conversions.

There are several referral software providers in the market, which makes it easier to get a referral program of your own. Creating a program of your own is an art which no one at achieving at once. You need to explore and experiment to get the thing right for your customers.

The various type of program is Customer referral program, Employee referral program, and the most popular and efficient Refer a Friend referral program.

Don’t exit the article yet; there is more to learn about referral programming in detail. I’ll be giving you amazing ideas that you can use. But you have to deliver it right unless you’ll keep striving to get a stronger customer base.

What Refer-a-Friend program is?

You must have heard of “your customer is your biggest critic.”

Let us understand it with an example. Hanna and Steve are two friends. Hanna is the critic, and Steve is the friend who is being referred. Let’s take a look at what both these friends will experience:


girl hanna

She is your existing customer and a friend of Steve’s. She will be the one inviting her friends to your business through a referral program.

Step 1: she will visit your webpage and will see a referral link with the reward.

Step 2: she likes what the deal she has been offered (“Need a $30 voucher? Refer it to a friend.”)

Step 3: now, Hanna will share the link with her friend Steve.


boy steve

He is the one who will get referred by his friend and will be a brand new customer to you. Let’s have a look at what Steve is going to experience when Hanna refers him the link.

Step 1: he will receive a message from Hanna along with the referral link.

Step 2: he will read the message, which will say. Earn a $30 voucher by signing up.

Step 3: he will click the link as it comes with a reward and also as his friend has shared it. And now you have a more person added to your troop.

Some best ‘Refer a friend Campaign’ Ideas

Now I will let you some excellent ideas in detail which are currently being used by some top businesses which have best referral programs.

You will not get benefited only by creating a referral program; you have to make people aware of it. Promote it in different platforms via emails, SMS, social media, etc.

Here are some ideas that you should make a note of and let the game begin.

Credit points

This is the most non-expensive way you can make people subscribe to you. You are not giving up real cash amount.

Also, you are giving credits which a user can use only to buy your product.

Tell your critics that they will get 100 credit points on every referral. The credits earned will be deducted from every purchase they make. In this way, you will gain a customer without losing a single penny.

refer as credit points

Charity Rewards

People often like to make donations. You can make a referral program to encourage people to do charity. Tell them how they can help people, who are in need, interested people will share the referral with their friends who love to help others too.

It doesn’t take much effort, and both your customer and their friend can be a helping hand.

friends doing charity

Organize Tournaments

Creating a tournament can attract a lot of customers to you. This is a fun way. Keep your highest selling product as the prize. Maintain a leader board and give weekly prizes. Tell people that the person who will gain the maximum referrals will get rewarded at the end of the week. This is the most effective way to reach niche customers.

refer a friend leader board

Membership Rewards

The clients who have your club members make them feel special. Get the referrals and the rewards solely and exclusively for them. Like, give them special credits to purchase products from. Give them discounts or free vouchers so that they feel special to be your member, buy this way you can get a lot of new customers as many will get attracted to exclusive rewards.

membership refer a friend

Rewarding the lost customers

There might be many users of yours, who are not getting engaged with your new products. They were once your loyal customers. Get the list of such customers of yours and upgrade the services that you provide them. Send them a free product or a cash reward if they bring in more users for you.

This will get their attention, and they will get back to you.

refer a friend advocates


Refer a Friend’ program is the best campaign to get new customers as well as make the existing customers happy.

Experiment with what your customer likes and get a good stand in the business.

Sara Williams

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