Customer Referral widget types and their use cases

There are multiple referral widget available that can be used to integrate referral program on website. The use case depends on how much you want to promote the customer referral campaign. Below we list all the referral widgets with there use cases.

1. Referral widget popup

Popup Referral widget is the most visible form of referral widget. You should use it on the home page, if you want to actively push the referral campaign. If your referral campaign is designed around a new product launch, then you can use it on particular category pages. You can limit the number of times referral popup comes and even add a delay after which it would appear. It can be activated or deactivated any time through admin console without any code change.


2. Slider Referral widget Box

It slides up from the desired side of the page. You can easily place it on the home page without spoiling the customer user experience. It can be activated or deactivated any time through admin console without any code change.


3. Referral widget Button

You can integrate the referral button and position it along any of the corners of the page. On click it would open the referral popup. It alone is not very effective to drive customer referrals. You can use it standalone where you do not want to push the referral campaign. Else it’s best use is along with the referral popup (point 1). It’s position, color and text can be changed through the admin console.

Button Popup

4. Sharing Screen

Sharing screen will appear after user login using referral widget. User share the offer using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Pintrest and more.

Sharing Screen

5.Facebook Timeline Referral Application

Facebook referral app will leverage your facebook fan base to drive more referral invites. You must additionally announce the campaign on you brand fan page to promote it. You can launch the facebook timeline referral application  with few simple clicks. Go to (Admin panel -> Facebook Timeline App [left side bar]) and follow the instructions.


6. Referral widget Iframe

Iframe referral widget can be used to integrate customer referral program inline on any web page. The user interface can then be customized around the iframe to match the look and feel of the product. Below you can see the iframe integration of referral campaign.


7. Winners Tikr

Winners tickr displays the winners of the customer referral program. It can be integrated on the referral program information page or any where on the view as an iframe. You can read more about it here. Below is the demo of winners tickr.


8. Referral campaign on mobile

The referral campaign also works on mobile devices as shown below

Referral-campaign-on-mobile (1)

You can read more about different referral widget and integration documentation in our documentation section. You can also read about to create campaign and configure widgets and case studies


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