Customer Acquisition Strategies

15 Amazing Customer Acquisition Strategies for Business Growth.

In today’s time, customer acquisition strategies have become a crucial component for any business. If you have no strategy in place, you have to struggle to expand your business in a meaningful way. 

Now you must be wondering why you need a customer acquisition strategy and what are those amazing customer marketing strategies that you can employ in your business.

Let’s move forward and look at the importance of customer acquisition strategy.

Why customer acquisition strategy is important.

Acquiring new customers is important to generate constant revenue for your business be it a startup or a large-sized organization. It’s this head of the funnel momentum that drives growth for your business. Moreover, a burgeoning customer base leads to good business cases, serving as proof of traction for your business to investors and the external world.

Now, it’s time to look at the top 15 customer acquisition strategies for your business that will help you generate more revenue and further expand your business.

15 Best Customer Acquisition Strategies

1. Determine the right audience for your business

Determine the right audience

The first customer acquisition strategy is to determine the right audience for your business. Whenever there is a product then there is a chance that it will resolve the problem of a particular demographic of customers. All you have to do is to discover who they are and concentrate on user acquisitions to obtain the right results.

In case if you don’t know who your target audience is then you are limiting yourself from efficiently marketing your brand. You need to focus on discovering a niche market where you can expand your products or services. 

Now you must be wondering how to determine the right audience for your business. One way to do that is by carrying out extensive market research to authenticate who and how you should market your goods to acquire new customers.  It’s the primary pillar that accounts for most creative acquisitions that you will ever notice in the market.

2. Choose the right channels 

Choose the right channels

Once you have determined your target audience, now you have to pick the best channels for engaging and acquiring the potential customers you’ve distinguished through market research. 

A customer acquisition channel refers to a place where your customers see your brand for the very first time. It can be done through social media, organic search, or paid advertising. With the aid of the right customer acquisition channels, you can draw new customers. 

3. Different strategies for each channel

Different strategies for each channel

Once you determine the right customer acquisition channel, you need to prepare different customer acquisition strategies for every channel. Remember different channels own a different kind of audience for instance if you want to target customers that are in their early 20’s, you need to target them through Instagram or TikTok. Leveraging services like Buzzoid to boost your TikTok followers can be a strategic move, enhancing your visibility and appeal to this demographic by increasing your follower count authentically.

Therefore use your resources strategically so that you can make the most of them. While preparing a strategy for each channel, ascertain:

  1. What content does your target audience choose to engage with?
  2. What are your contenders posting?
  3. What does your KPIs tell you?

Analyze and research the most suitable strategies for every channel to make the most of your customer acquisition efforts.

4. Design Optimized Landing Pages

Amongst other customer acquisition strategies, Landing page optimizing is one of the most powerful ones. Landing pages further direct customers to your product or service. A powerful landing page provides you with valuable information but also incorporates a compelling call-to-action that expedites conversions.

Further, consider running an A/B test to let you optimize your landing pages and improve them drastically and help you understand what your customers expect from you. You have to predict their requirements and then address the same.

You can utilise tools like NotifyVisitors to build and test your landing page designs. Utilizing its easy drag-and-drop page builder, you can seamlessly design your landing page without knowing how to code. It also enables you to build sticky bars and popups that can let you turn visitors with ease.

5. Leverage Video Content

Leverage Video Content

Video marketing is the new normal. Around 81% of businesses are leveraging it and it an up from 63% from last year. The reason behind rising is that 97% of marketers have realized that video content is helpful to improve customer understanding of their offerings. Another 76% have discovered that further leads to boost web traffic and sales.

Posting videos are one of the best methods to notify your prospects about your brand and your products. You should strive to attain a good balance between informational and entertaining videos. Moreover, collaborating with influencers to generate such videos, share them on social media, and your website. 

6. Co-branding content and sharing leads

Co-branding refers to working with other brands to promote products and services. Here we are referring to a piece of content that is being promoted by two brands who have jointly agreed to do so. The success scale of this customer acquisition strategy is massive as your content gets seen by your consumers and the customer-owned by the other brand. You can consider co-branding with those brands that are not your direct competitor. Co-branding urther acts as a b2b marketing strategy for your brand.

Here are some of the ways to promote and get customers through co-branding:

  1. Starting a mutually beneficial partnership
  2. Approaching the industry specialists
  3. Posting guest posts on external platforms

7. Marketing on social media

Marketing on social media

Social media enables you to earn some of the most creative acquisitions possible. It helps in strengthening brand awareness. It also increases your content marketing efforts by sharing content on places where your target audience is available like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

To obtain customers from social media, leverage your target audience interests in your content or product to further spread the word about your brand. 

8. Cross-channel acquisition

Cross-channel acquisition

Digital marketing may be employed and reported on different channels and platforms. Hence, it’s important to consolidate your customer acquisition strategy across all of them. In case you reach your target audience on more than one channel, you’re more likely to control their behaviour on another channel.

The best example of that is someone who just noticed your marketing email might then seek the same product like yours on Google. In this case, it becomes imperative to determine the search terms for these customers to discover your site. This will benefit you to get better acquainted with your paid and organic search strategy. 

You can make use of this strategy to target the keywords with search ads or with particular pieces of content -thus make sure that they come to your site rather than going to your competitors.

9. Advertisement on different forums

To strengthen your online presence make sure you post and advertise on a question-based forum like Quora, it’s huge. By explaining questions and discussing your product, you can make yourself acknowledged as an industry specialist and entice new prospective customers. 

Since conversation topics range across different areas, there is an “n” number of possibilities to be recognised by only answering questions concerning your brand.

To get the right set of questions to get the highest return of your time:

  • Go to SEMrush and search
  • Direct to the “Organic Research” tab under “Domain Analytics”.
  • You will notice a list of top-ranking questions on Quora. Do search for a keyword associated with your content.
  • Sort the results in descending order by the search volume.

When you answer questions, do not just post a link to your content, as it’s more likely to be removed. And that’s not the right approach to develop trust anyway.

However, you can always incorporate links within your answers but occasionally. Further, make sure that your answer presents a solution to the readers without letting them visit elsewhere.

10. Easily accessible website 

Accessibility plays a crucial role when it comes to customers who are visiting your site for the first time. It matters most when you have an eCommerce website, therefore you have to make sure that you have a one-page checkout process to make things more comfortable for your customers. 

Further, consider posting comprehensive product descriptions that acquaint customers with the products they are about to purchase from you. Also, keep a tab on the website loading timing. If you have a massive web platform, chances are, you could have a higher bounce rate as visitors conclude that it’s not worth waiting for a page to load. 

Here you can incorporate live chat software on your website like big eCommerce brands to limit bounce rate.

11. Publish content on external sites

Publish content on external sites

One way to increase the website’s organic search ranking is to add blogging campaigns with a referral strategy to increase the acquisition rate. Appropriate and authoritative sites might be an excellent platform for you to spread the information about your brand, improving the traffic volume you receive from external sites. 

12. Focus on SEO

Focus on SEO

Once you’ve built your online presence by offering insightful content, you have to work on SEO. Leveraging SEO will let you enhance the rankings of that very content on search engines. Thereby making your content more noticeable and discoverable by your target audience.

Increasing search rankings and visibility of your brand have a lot to do with the initial stage of the customer acquisition funnel.

 Some of the basic SEO tactics involve utilising industry-related keywords, backlinks from authoritative websites, etc. Another powerful SEO tactic you can utilise to attain more customers is site optimization for mobile devices. Presenting prospects with an exceptional mobile experience can prove helpful in persuading customers.

13. Manage email marketing and keep track of the analytics

Email marketing is a traditional practice but it is still a powerful customer acquisition strategy. It allows you to reach customers directly and help you interact with them. Thus, it has become a vital segment of any customer acquisition strategy.

The primary step in email marketing is to get verified email addresses and data. It can be done in different ways:

  • Devise helpful content that needs email form submission. 
  • Allow a discount to readers who sign up for your email list. 
  • Host a social media giveaway gated by an email capture form.

Once you get the coveted email address, you can market your products directly and share information about your upcoming products or sales. With the help of email marketing, you can further know about an individual’s interests by monitoring click-through rates on various email components. 

Even unsubscribing gives valuable information to your email strategy. By knowing which content produced what response, you can constantly improve your customer acquisition strategy for more solid future performance. You need to ensure that you keep track of these numbers.

14. Engaging offers and discounts 

Engaging offers and discounts

One of the most potent checks is using attractive deals and discounts as a tool to attract new customers. You can apply this method to run promotions or give discounted pricing to enhance your competitive footprint in your niche. 

Through deals and discounts, you can let reluctant buyers make decisions and further develop viral marketing for your brand. Another option is to extend incentives in your pricing plans for a short period. Specialists have given a new term to this kind of acquisition technique: penetration pricing. 

In this acquisition method, you outgun your competitors by allowing products at a lower price initially. However, be very cautious while exercising this method since pricing exhibits your brand positioning. 

15. Commence referral programs

Commence referral programs

Whenever someone recommends you, it acts as a trust factor amongst the other people. Referral programs serve the same thing. According to Neilson, “Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

People believe those whom they know or acknowledge, so whenever a friend asks them to check out a new product or brand, they welcome their suggestion. To leverage referral marketing as a new customer acquisition strategy, you have to make it more comfortable for those loyal customers to obtain their friends. You can achieve this by launching a referral program where your existing customers will be rewarded every time they recommend their friends or family members to do shopping from your business. 

InviteReferrals is a great referral program software that paves ways to prompt customers to refer their friends through marketing emails, discounts, and incentives for both customers and their lately obtained friends.


Customer acquisition is not a one-day show. You have to plan and execute it carefully. You need to deliberate the best techniques to drive and turn visitors into consumers on your website. 

You must choose the right channel to serve the purpose and then test the content to lure the customers so that they convert quickly. 

You must be careful while acquiring customers. For instance, channels you use and accomplish long-term strategies that will put your customer acquisition costs well below your customer value. 

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