15 Best Business Growth Strategies in 2024.

Today, if you want your business to succeed, you have to be ahead of your competitors. Once you have done with your business idea and market, you have to find out the most suitable approach to run your business in an excellent way.
Thus, today we will discuss 15 business growth strategies that will help you attract potential customers and convert them. A compelling marketing strategy is one that possesses business values, critical demographics, and value proposition, among other critical elements. Also, keep in mind that your business strategies should be a mix of both online and offline strategies.

So without any further delay, let’s move forward and look at these amazing strategies one by one.

15 Best Business Growth Strategies to Boost Revenue.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great platform by Google. Here customers seek businesses through Google Search and Maps. This platform is available for free and should be a part of your business growth strategy as it let you manage your profile over the Google platform. When you have a profile on GMB, your company has the advantage of Google Business Listing. It means that you can post important information such as your physical location, operating hours, and contacts. 

Like any other social media platform, you can further share business photos and videos. Moreover, this platform provides Insights that you can utilize to identify how people are finding your business online and where they are coming from. You can also add attributes such as your website URL, Wi-Fi availability, or wheelchair access to your business.

2. Event marketing

Event marketing

Event marketing leverages offline marketing. It assists you in interacting straight with potential leads and clients. With the average CMO designating 24% of their budget on event marketing, you should also think of adding this strategy for your business. 

There are various ways to take advantage of event marketing. The primary benefit is signing up to showcasing your products to generate leads. Another benefit is to host VIP dinners so that you can mingle with C-level executives and have discussions to increase brand awareness and build your presence in the industry.

3. Social media marketing strategies

Social media marketing strategies

Social platforms contribute a huge value highly to your overall digital marketing strategy as they help you expand your customer base and improve your sales. In addition, you can promote your new products, give information, and interact directly with your customers on a social media account, and save time using helpful tools that can handle all your social media accounts. In this case, a social media account works as a marketing tool and a sales platform. 

Most popular platforms incorporate Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit. The platforms you prefer to incorporate in your social media marketing strategies highly depend on your targeted audience. For instance, if your business is photography-based, then Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest should be part of your business growth strategies. But, if your marketing strategy is blog-based, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit will serve better. 

Facebook is the victorious king, with over 2 billion monthly users. Utilizing Facebook Ads is an outstanding option for social media marketing as it will let you target your ads for a particular audience. Instagram owns 500 million monthly users, and social engagement rates are 58% higher than Facebook.

4. Partner with a marketing agency

Partner with a marketing agency

Maintaining a complete marketing plan within a small startup becomes hectic. Therefore, outsourcing your marketing is a smart choice. With a third party, you get to know a lot of things that comprise the full expertise of marketing professionals at a lower cost. 63% of B2B marketers employ marketing and growth hacking agencies to achieve their marketing goals. Professionals will also provide you with an ideal marketing strategy example and make you envision your future. Working with leading top digital marketing agencies allows startups to tap into specialized skills and expertise without the overhead of building an entire in-house team. By partnering with a reputable agency, startups gain access to proven strategies and insights to effectively execute digital marketing campaigns and drive growth.

5. Blogging


Blogging has become one of the effective ways through which you can get leads and clients. Now, you must be wondering why blogging is a vital part of any business strategy? But stats say at all, According to a stat that businesses that post blogs get 67% more leads than those who do not. Further, businesses that post out relevant content are 13 times more likely to get positive ROI. 

A business blog enables you to join your personality to the material you roll out. Blogs also act as a part of digital marketing tactics as they provide content that generates traffic on your site. As you create backlinks to your blog, you start boosting the traffic to your website.

6. Hosting webinars

As per the stats approx 58% of the marketers utilize webinars, and 35% believe that webinar marketing will be extremely significant in the future. But what makes them think like this? Webinars are a great platform for businesses where they can share their knowledge and produce leads. 

Webinars are appealing as they discuss interesting topics and enable viewers to perceive what your products can do. You can further promote your webinar by recording your broadcasts so that your leads can watch it later. They are an outstanding platform to turn leads into customers. Thus, it acts as one of the smart business growth strategies.

7. Email marketing

email marketing

An email marketing campaign is important for your business as its cold outreach marketing strategy helps you reach a wider audience. Since consumers get many emails per day from marketers, therefore you need to design a plan that stands out from the rest and turn your leads into customers. Make sure that the emails are personalized for each recipient and have a responsive design clear on both desktops and mobile devices.

You can further build an efficient email drip campaign and send emails to hundreds easily and quickly. Moreover, employing the right tools will provide you access to analytics and determine how many people have subscribed to your email list, read your emails, or unsubscribed.

8. Video marketing

Video marketing

Video is a quick and powerful way to share content with your targeted audience. It exhibits to your clients precisely what your product can do for their business. According to research by the Aberdeen Group, companies that make use of video for their business strategy encounter a yearly 49% growth in revenue than those without video. These results are for both B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

As video evolves as an indispensable component of content marketing strategy and your business should leverage it. Apart from YouTube, platforms such as Drift video now include B2B video marketing strategies by encouraging video and chats simultaneously

Furthermore, considering the potential of Tiktok you can embed TikTok videos in your marketing mix to tap into the platform’s engaging, short-form content and reach a broader and more diverse audience. By strategically leveraging TikTok, you can also increase your TikTok followers, enhancing your brand’s visibility and engagement on the platform. This approach can add a dynamic and trending dimension to your video marketing strategy, keeping your brand relevant and engaging.

9. Marketing automation

Marketing automation

The applicability of AI tools in your AI marketing strategy will help your team to focus on other activities. There are various tools on the market for you to pick from. When it comes to marketing experiences, spending on SEO tools, email advertising tools, and A/B testing is essential. For your marketing backbone, think of tools for CRM, CMS, and e-commerce, and other tools to preserve and manage your data for a smooth marketing experience.

10. Leveraging big data

Big data is transforming the way things are, which also includes the way of doing marketing. Leveraging data will let you improve the quality of your leads, enhance your customer experiences, and help the management in making decisions for businesses. With the help of a data analyst, you can recognize your leads, discover your best marketing strategies, and direct your resources to the right audiences.

11. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Optimizing the content is one of the best ways to generate traffic on your website, blog, or YouTube channel, as it encourages search engines to show your content towards a user’s search result page. Therefore, SEO allows you to improve organic traffic for your website and rank higher up on search results.

There are three kinds of SEO you should concentrate on:

  1. On-page SEO concentrates on keywords, long-tail keywords, title modifiers, metatags, SEO-friendly URLs, and other page elements.

  2. Off-page SEO focuses on the backlinks linking to your website. Guest blogging is an efficient way to generate backlinks for your blog and increase your search engine rankings.

  3. Technical SEO refers to strengthening the website technical aspect that will help you enhance its rankings on a search engine. Search engines crawl the web and show websites based on their readiness of use to a user. Therefore, it’s imperative to optimize your website to become crawlable, quick, and secure will enhance your marketing strategy.

12. Sales productivity tools

Marketing and sales these two departments work altogether. Thus, it becomes crucial to do marketing along with sales productivity tools to diminish downtime and improve efficiency. Several tools serve different purposes, from allowing video calls, email outreach, conferencing and webinars, lead generation, and CRM. For example, the sales engagement platform (SEP) is Salesforce which is important for email tracking and CRM. The idea of SEPs is to support your sales team in delivering high-quality interactions and, consequently, market your band.

However, make sure that you optimize your sales productivity tools along with accurate calculations. You can accomplish this with a sales productivity formula. Though no standardized formula exists to estimate your sales productivity, there are many measurements you can utilize to check if your b2b marketing strategies are working or not.

For instance, conversion rates are an exceptional measure for your sales productivity formula. By identifying your conversion rates, you can recognize the marketing strategies creating your best leads and those that require more work or abandonment. Finally, remember to concentrate on your salesforce forecasting to predict your future sales. The best sales forecasting software will let you redirect future resources to produce more revenue.

13. Search engine marketing

After expanding your organic traffic through SEO, you can consider doing search engine marketing (SEM). With 35% of product searches on Google, it is important to leverage search engines to display on the results page. However, before spending on a Google Ad campaign, you have to make sure that you have the right SEM tools to lead you. The most useful SEM tools are Google Trends, SEMRush, Google Ads Keyword Planner, and Spyfu.

14. Podcasts


Podcasts are an excellent way to get insight into marketing strategies and showcase information about your business’s products. The content you or a business representative highlight in a podcast is a different way to explain the solutions you offer. The best part about contributing to a podcast is that you benefit other people’s audiences while still marketing your business. You also get verification from diverse audiences and build your online authority.

15. Launch a referral program

Launch a referral program

Referral marketing is a widespread and most effective way to drive conversions that will further boost your business. It is one of the reliable ways that should be there in your business growth strategies

Businesses that launch referral programs get loyal customers for a lifetime and also act as brand advocates that spread positive word of mouth about your products and services. Thus launching a referral program enables you to expand your business.


In this article, we have the best 15 business growth strategies that you should leverage to give your business a boost. As we have mentioned earlier, your business strategies should involve online as well as offline marketing tactics so that you can target the audience in a more effective way.


1. How can I expand my business in 2021?

For expanding your business you need to leverage different kinds of marketing such as social media marketing, event marketing, content marketing, viral marketing, and referral marketing. By using these marketing strategies you can ensure your business growth in 2021.

2. How can I drive more traffic to my website?

For driving the website, first, you need to identify your targeted audience and after that start posting relevant content and leverage social media marketing along with email marketing to reach out to a wider audience.


Shivani is a content writer at InviteReferrals. She writes SEO articles, blogs, and guest posts for businesses to improve website ranking on SERP. She follows a balanced approach for the quality of content and its marketing. She loves to do creativity, although she had an English major in her graduation.