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Tutorials to set up different type of campaigns and common FAQs related to InviteReferrals referral programs


Campaign participant statistics

We have added new analytics metrics to our dashboard. You can now monitor the number of campaign participant on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. You can also export the list of campaign-specific participants between...


Show referral campaign on leave intent

How do I stop people from leaving/closing my website just in time? Use, our recently introduced feature ‘leave intent based’ campaign display to show referral campaign to your users just as they are about to leave your...


Referral Giveaway Campaign setup

The “Referral Giveaway Campaign” can be used to gratify customers instantly by sending referral invites to their friends through multiple social channels. It could invite 100 friends to unlock a 25% discount...

referral campaign setup

Top Referrer Campaign Setup

The top referrer campaign can be used to reward the most influential referrer every week or month. For example, the top referrer campaign clicks here. Its set up is divided into 4 steps as shown below. Video Guide 1.)...