goal based referral campaign

Goal based Referral campaign setup guide

The goal based referral campaign can be used to reward customers per referral sale/registration/visit. It could be win $10 discount for every referral sale. For sample campaign click here. Its set up is divided into 5 steps as shown below

Goal based Referral campaign Video Guide

1.) Basic Details

a.) Enter campaign name, status and expiry date
b.) Landing page – page where customer lands after clicking referral link
c.) Conversion on – it can be campaign participant (Referred friend also participates) or
Visiting page – When user reaches goal conversion page. This could be the Thank you page of shopping cart.
d.) Advanced settings

  • Tracking model – whether you want per new user acquisition or per  sale. This is relevant where business may want to reward per sale.
  • Autologin : to enable or disable SSO (single sign on)
  • Dynamic landing page : This is useful when you want to set unique landing page for each customer. You can enable this and pass the landing page in javascript widget. This can also be used to integrate Invitereferrals with existing referral system.

2.) Configure Reward

Here following things can be configured
a.) Number of Referrals after which the incentive will be given
b.) Number of times incentive can be given whether just once or multiple times
c.) Configure coupon : Either Static or unique coupon codes can be used. You will need to import the system generated unique codes.

3.) Customize Widget

Here following things can be configured
a.) Pop up description : configure the body of the popup. you can also preview it after updating.
b.) Button widget : You can change the color and text of floating referral button
c.) You can select different options for referral. Example – Facebook invite, twitter, email etc

4.) Share text

Here different social media fields can be configured like
a.) Facebook feed image – 200X200px
b.) Facebook feed description
c.) Twitter text
You can also edit Referral enrollment mail, Friend Invite mail,  Successful referral mail, Terms and Conditions and How it works section

5.) Website Integration

a.) Configure Urls for Campaigns : Specify the urls where you want to display the popup. You can select from absolute or relative rule. Configure display type or delay.
b.) Either supported plugins or javascript code can be used to integrate the campaign on site. This is only one time integration, and is not required for new campaigns.

*This post is slightly old and there may be some changes in the user interface of admin panel. We have added explanation for each section separately alongside in blue box


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