Install Free Prestashop Module for Refer a Friend Program



Click here to get the module. This module integrates the Refer a Friend Program on your Prestashop eCommerce website (Supports all versions.). There are 2 parts to activate referral program on your Prestashop site

1. Integrate InviteReferrals Prestashop module. (Part A)

2. Create and activate campaign in InviteReferrals. (Part B)

Part A : Integrate InviteReferrals Prestashop module

1. First you have to download the invitereferrals module (its free). Extract the .zip file. You will get the following structure.

Prestashop Module filestructure

2. Place the following folder in your Prestashop website directory using File-Manager or FTP.

Root/modules/PASTE HERE

3. Now goto your Prestashop Admin Panel and click on modules

Prestashop Dashboard

4. Scroll Down and you will find the Advance Customer Referral Program – Invitereferrals  Click on The Install button

Invitereferrals – Prestashop Module

5. Proceed With Installation Click on Proceed with installation.

Proceed with installation

6. Click on Configuration button for configuration

Configure Module

7. a. Login to your InviteReferrals account and go to plugins documentation link to get your brandID and SecretKey

b. Enable: On and SAVE


Your PrestaShop module integration is now complete.

Part B : Create campaign in InviteReferrals Software

Setup up the campaign using easy setup tutorial guide given below

Go through referral program promotion guide to increase effectiveness of your referral program. You can also check out our case studies section to learn from success stories.

Deepak Gupta