Conversion Webhook




Conversion Webhook is a HTTP callback triggered when there is goal conversion.


How To Set

1) Edit Campaign.

2) Go to “Website Integration” section.

3) Add the HTTP callback url in Conversion Webhook field under track conversions.








You will get a post back call on your webhook url with following GET PARAMETERS as soon as there is a referral conversion. You can then use this data as per flow requirements

Parameter Description Value
conversion whether a successful conversion or not success / fail / pending
referrer_name name of the referrer (who referred his friend) Robert Downy
referrer_email email id of the referrer example@gmail.com
referee_name name of the referee (friend) Cristian Bale
referee_email email id of the referee example@gmail.com
orderID orderID passed by you in javascript code ASDXXXXX
purchaseValue purchaseValue passed by you in javascript code 1000
referrer_converts No. of conversions by referrer 2
referrer_customValue custom value passed for referrer xxxxxxx
goal_complete whether the goal has completed. Eg. If you are rewarding referrer on 5 conversions, then for 5th conversion it will be 1 else 0 1

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