your store referral program

Youstore referral program


Goal: Promote the site and increase the number of registrations

Youstore Referral Program Design
The program incentivized following actions
a. Sending invites
b. Successful registration through the invite

Widgets Used
a.) PopupsyoustorePopup

b.) long Bar widget at footeryoustoreBarWidget

Key Performance Metrics at end of 2 weeks
1.) 200X invites sent(Email + Fb invites where X is new customers/months), Many tweets and Facebook share of the referral links done. Giving reach of 200X timesyour store
2.) 200% increase in page viewsyoustorePageViews
3.) 35% increase in Customer Acquisition


Co-founder, InviteReferral. Spreads the word about each new awesome feature of customer referral program. Loves to talk to customers, marketers and tech enthusiasts.